Channeled by:
August 26, 2011

Any day is a wonderful day whenever I am able to speak through a vessel such as this dear child. All of you are so precious and beautiful. I am very pleased for this opportunity dear souls to reach and speak to all of you this way.

I wish today to speak of choices and your own . Each and every one of you are given choices every day. You choose when to get up in the morning, what to eat, what to wear; you choose how you see others and how you treat others that are different from you. All that has been created in your world, in your existence is based on the choices you have made. Some of you dear ones are learning that your choices have consequences and many lessons. You cannot undo a , but you can learn from the choices you have made, especially if they turned out to be not-so-good choices. The lessons you have learned so far as a of your choices are helping to create a newer, wiser YOU. A more 'knowing' YOU.

Through all your challenges and lessons, you have asked for , you have asked for guidance, strength, and some of you have asked to be shown faith as some lose their faith in themselves along this journey when face-to-face with heavy challenges. Faith dear ones, requires deep that goes beyond facts. Faith and work side by side and requires trust in yourself. What you hold to believe to be true, what you feel in your is your faith talking dear ones. I see many being able to believe in others before they believe in themselves, but true faith and belief comes from what you believe in, what you find to be true for you. What is true for you will be different from another person's and so on. Your beliefs will change as you change, maintaining your faith is vital dear ones.

When you have total faith in yourself and who you are, outside judgements and assumptions made onto you, they will mean little, as you KNOW you are. This total faith, requires a lot of digging and removal of old ideas, energies, and thoughts that are not longer helpful. During this removal, this clearing you learn about yourself, you learn where you have changed and grown and what isn't you anymore. You find within yourself what resonates. This is where you build your trust dear ones. Trust in what you find, feel with your heart and believe. Yes, it can be hard as you will see many things as you dig into yourself that you might not like, but all the negative aspects have lessons and opportunity for change. You find more choices as you dig. You find choices of what to keep and what to remove. You find what is able to be fixed and what cannot. All that you find, will help you discover your own truth, establish that faith that has been hiding for some of you and for others, maybe reacquainting. You will learn to believe in yourselves in a new light dear ones, and you will build confidence as you go.

I have absolute faith in the Almighty God, who is always merciful, filled with unconditional love for all his children. I have absolute faith in all of you as I know you will find your true selves through this journey you have chosen to commit yourselves to. I believe you have the strength and ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. You are all beings of Light and shine with such a bright and beautiful radiance.

I see many of you comparing yourselves to your fellow lightworker. I see hurtful remarks left as a result of having different ideas and beliefs, I still see many judging harshly and assuming without asking, but if you look inside those people, and truly see them, you will see they too have a heart, that beats like yours. Skin, race, beliefs, culture, etc., is what makes all of you different and unique, but what makes all of you the same is what is inside. You all have the capacity to love and you all have a heart that holds a piece of the Almighty God. That God Spark is alive in each of you, and it does not recognize you by what you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside, your real self deep down underneath the exteriors and the walls.

We still come down to choices, choices to accept everyone on this beautiful planet as equal or not so equal. You have the choice to love unconditionally or not. You will know what is right for you from what you believe to be right and true. All choices need to be made from your heart, thinking about the consequences of what the outcome could be. All outcomes have the potential of being different, as you choose each step. Choose as wisely as you can, believing at the time with your heart, not your ego that you are making the right choice. Have faith in what you choose. Learn your lessons as you go, as your lessons not only help create a more 'knowing' you, your choices help reinforce your faith in what you think to be true.

I work within the Sapphire flame and Ruby flame that assists to protect you from negativity caused by entities. As you go along your journey and you feel this , call upon me and surround you with this sacred shield that will protect you. Feel and know my love for you is infinite.

And so it is…Archeia Faith through Julie Miller


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