20 August 2011

: El

Michael, I was wondering if you would be willing to share some with the world right now?

*smiles* heh, I am crossed over and I still feel like I am on camera? You sure we can't just go play. 😉 okay, sure. why not?

Michael, do you have anything to tell us, about the future, the beyond, anything like that?

well, heh, its not that different (okay it is), but, you know, its free, and you just get to be, and there is no rush, you just flow, and there aren't limits, and you just Love, death is such a transition, its beautiful, so many colors, I was just in , and you know, its magic, pure magic.

Do you have any wisdom for the world, what they should do now?

I've been saying it all along, Love, you know, feel it, be it, you just gotta love, thats all, and when you do that, everything else just flows, and its magic, and beauty, and its like children ynow, just beautiful, innocent, free, you just believe, and its magic, thats all I can say, its magic.

Michael, will you tell them what you were telling me earlier about the songs?

*laughts*, you want to get really personal, huh? okay, but you know I am shy, I just like to sing, create magic, but you just gotta feel it, if you don't feel it, its just not there, and when you feel it, it just takes you away, and its beautiful, and its wonderful, and you just go with it, and it takes you away. And then its just perfect. Its Love, its all about love.

Do you have anything else you would like to share Michael?

Hey, you called me? *smile* no, I just want people to love, create, you know, make something beautiful for the world. Because its all about them, the people, and you just gotta do it, not for you but for them, the kids, especially, because the kids are our world, see, people don't understand that, but the kids are our future, they are our world, we have to teach them how to Love, and care, and to protect the planet and the earth, because thats what its all about.

I just want our kids to have a future. But, lets just create magic, okay?

Lets write something (since you refuse to sing *smiles*):

This is the tip of the iceberg
this is the story unfolded
this is the time to be loved>
my friend,
this is the time to begin

Cause we are light
We are our children
We are the people of God
and he,
is watching from above

So be love
So be love
oh oh oh oh

You have the gift
inside you,
You have the right,
to love you.

And all the people,
will rejoice
if you do

Cause its all about us,
and its all about you.