Channeled by: Julie Miller
29 August 2011

Greetings dear children. I am the of the beloved Akasha, who spoke through this dear child a little while ago. I have come to continue that .

So many trials and tribulations along your journey has at times tired you, rendered you exhausted, and out of breath. Remember while facing difficult challenges, cleansing past events, and learning your truth that there is power and healing with laughter as you work through each one. Laughter dear ones brings in Light, and opens your instead of closing it. Try and find joy in simple, basic pleasures. Surround yourself with children’s laughter, dance like no one is watching, and find time to meditate. Yes dear ones, there is power in meditation. Mediation offers much insight to your higher self and brings calm while facing the storm that you are working through. Through your meditation, as you empty your thoughts, you may be given quick glimpses of images that will serve you to further understanding of the situation at hand and yourself.

Make it part of your daily routine if possible to bring forth the Love that is held deep within your and share it as you go about your day, in all you do. Call forth your guides, regardless of who they are to show you how to draw more pure love into your life and what creative ways YOU can show your love to others.

It is very important to live through your heart dear ones. When facing a decision, think about it, make sure what you choose is what is right for you, choose from your heart, leaving your ego aside. You are faced with so many choices everyday of your life, and it can become difficult. Like a child going into a candy store, you are drawn to so many. And each choice brings different delights and flavours. The only difference, is each one also brings different lessons. Thank the lessons as they come, rather becoming angry with them for the strain they may cause, it helps to begin each lesson on a positive note.

I know you have noticed everyone on this journey as a are at different stages, levels and understanding. Be compassionate and kind towards their needs and beliefs. Belittling someone for thinking differently than you does nothing but add and discord. And yes, people are required to look past negative comments, and harsh judgments, but it can be difficult. As a light worker, you are not to hurt your fellow light workers, but to guide them, support them and willingly offer your unconditional love. The more you are able to do more selfless acts of kindness towards all people regardless if they are light worker or not, will help aid raise your spiritual vibrations, open your heart and your mind to receiving more Divine Love and more Divine Light.

Dear ones, you have already within your own being, the power to heal yourself from negative thoughts, energies, and discord. You do this by calling out to the angels to help lift toxic energies that may have been picked up from another ’s karma, your own deeply held fears, or anything else that holds any negative thoughts or notions. You ask them to remove this and assist in clearing your spiritual field. One of the angels you can request is Archangel Michael. He and other angels are ready to assist you at anytime, and are waiting for you to ask. Also, if you can identity the negativity you can meditate on it, focusing on the cause, and removing it with positive thought. There are many and more creative ways you can succeed with this dear ones. Find ways that resonate with you. I will gladly be of help to you, you only need to ask.

While on this journey you will learn how to master your thoughts, your feelings, your patience and more. You will learn to see God in more than the books you read or were taught. You will see that God is within all of you. And there are many ways you can communicate with the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother in your everyday lives. You are given many signs that not coincidence or accidental. You may notice a certain wisp in the clouds, maybe a specific shape that only holds meaning to you, maybe no clouds. You might find coins along your travels. This too is no accident. Yes, another person could have found it, but YOU did. These are examples of subtle signs. And yes there are skeptics about this and in your heart, you will know as it will resonate with you. Your deep belief and your intuition will help you understand what it is you are seeing or receiving. No matter how different you are from the next person, believe in what you know. What you know now, will no doubt change, but for today, for the present time, learn and focus on what it is that is important to you.

As you learn more about yourself and those around you, you will develop understanding, compassion and mercy. You will adopt a more loving way to live, which DOES not include judging others or assuming what or how someone is. This unkind and not the way to achieve the Oneness with yourself or with God. In order to judge or assume another, you would have to walk in their shoes, every step of the way.

As you manoeuvre through the many twists and turns along this journey you are actually creating your own reality and carving the path to your future. It is okay to peak into the future and see what could be. By knowing what the future can be, you accept that it can likely change by the choices you make each and everyday, as nothing is carved in stone.

The knowledge and the inner wisdom you are achieving as you go will assist you and others that you come into contact with. As you initiate learning different areas all that you can, that resonates with you, you balance the inner wisdom. Many light bulbs will go on as you find enlightening subjects of interest. Allow yourself to be drawn. You will know and learn what you like and what you are interested in. Trust in this ‘knowing’.

Know that Akasha and I will return through this dear soul again. The love the two of us share for all of you is infinite. We see what you have endured so far and we also know the greatness you are able to achieve. Reach for either of us, or who you choose for guidance on your journey. Believe and know you are never alone and are very special.

Namaste, Ascended Master, Asun
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