Denise Le Fay…8-11-11

We’ve reached the dramatic 8-11-11 portal of August 2011 and I sense it’s going to be a reality changing doozy; an externally messy, intense, frightening to many people, further money and patriarchy disintegrating type of doozy. Why? Because it’s an 8 but also because there’s so many other energies at play at the same time.

  • Aug. 9th joined the Cardinal Grand Square planets and fired it off, again. in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra. reached exact square to Uranus. Yikes!
  • Aug. 9th an X7-class happened that the solar scientist’s predict will physically arrive on Earth on 8-11-11. Sensitive folks felt it when it happened in the Now quantum moment.
  • Aug. 10th Mars in Cancer reaches exact opposition to PLUTO in Capricorn. Super-duper yikes!
  • Aug. 12th is Magnetic peak
  • Aug. 13th is Full Moon in Aquarius
  • It’s Day Five and will soon be Night Five

The 8 has to do with money, power, sacrifice, potential, success and authority. 11-11 is an into a higher state of being and , but to pass through it one must let go of even more within themselves and more of their old . In this months case this initiatic letting go of is connected to old lower patriarchal things connected with number 8—primarily money, money systems, beliefs about money, power, safety, security, survival etc.

Passing through 2011′s monthly 11-11 portals is an unfolding process of us moving up Energy Stair Steps towards the grand finale threesome—towards completely exiting duality (polarized) and entering triality (unified) through the very important 11-11-11 portal of November 11, 2011. However, before that we’ve got August’s 8-11-11 portal to pass through and because all of these work together, the 8 energy of August coincides with the Mayan calendar Day Five (July 31–Aug. 17) and Night Five (Aug. 18–Sept. 4) which is about the further disintegration of the patriarchy, its global power, control, money and its global . This phase will require all of us to maintain and function from our higher level of awareness and not vibrationally fall back down into the global fear, panic and anger that the unaware masses are and will continue producing as the negative patriarchal reality crumbles. We know why this is happening now but they do not so here comes more of that -related responsibility I mentioned a couple of months ago.

There’s been talk for years by some (guess who they are?) about how the global money is going to be redistributed so everyone has their fair share. I’ve never believed that one for a second because the Ascension/Evolution Process isn’t about money or having more money or about everyone everywhere having more money or equal amounts of money. It’s about our evolving beyond money consciousness. Unity Consciousness or High Heart Consciousness doesn’t need money or any other type of external tool to buy or sell what one needs or desires. We’ll quickly evolve so far beyond this type of old lower consciousness and way of living and being that money won’t even exist in our memories soon. Neither will war, murder, greed, fear, hate and all the other horrific “normal” distortions of the old negative world. But until then, the old lower patriarchal/Dark Ones world reality will deteriorate very quickly now that we’re in the second half of 2011.

I want you to be aware that this accelerated disintegration of the lower patriarchal world is normal for what’s happening via the Ascension Process and completion of the Mayan calendar—aka the approaching Expiration Date. Don’t let the fears around you pull you down energetically or emotionally. Don’t emotionally buy into the fears from the unaware masses, the anger, panic and violence over the greedy, insane, destructive actions of the world governments and leaders. I know that’s a lot to ask of us, yet this is us Mastering the art of remaining in the Eye of the Storm and maintaining our higher frequency energies and consciousness and not “falling” or getting pulled or sucked or manipulated back down into the chaotic outer storm. Keep your High Heart focus on the Ascension goal because it’s literally moments away at this point.

Let the old lower frequency 3D consciousness and energies of number 8 do what they’re doing while you stay out of the insanity and negativity as best you can. Live with family or friends if needed so everyone can combine their money and resources to get through these last few volatile months leading up to the Expiration Date of Oct. 28, 2011, and the final separation date of 11-11-11. Be aware, be wise, be safe and just stay out of the physical insanity and negativity as much as you can while maintaining the higher frequency in you and your space with family/friends/loved ones as you transition through the 8-11-11 portal. Keep your focus on the amazingly wonderful NEW world and reality that we’re soon going to find ourselves in. No money needed to live there!


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