Aug 5

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Friends, I have recently received a revelation from our Galactic friends, as to why they have to let our ‘leaders’ disclose their existence, rather than them disclosing themselves to us. Many have said, “Why are they trusting our governments to make this ? Government works with Illuminati and will never disclose if left to their own devices”…so on and so forth. The thing is, while there are many of us awakened on who know the truth about our extraterrestrial friends, they have to give the most care to those unawakened.

 To an unawakened soul on Earth, the presence of extraterrestrials can mean one thing: alien invasion. Our friends in the sky know this and so they must be very cautious initiating First on our world, so not to cause an upset. Now, imagine yourself an unawakened soul, who knows nothing about extraterrestrials and ET life accept what you have seen in the movies and shows, which present nothing but scary concepts regarding the subject. If your suddenly blinked and changed to what is clearly an extraterrestrial standing with the , honestly what would your first thought be? Alien invasion! Again keep in mind that this does not apply to those of us awakened, as we would see this event for what it is: wonderful First Contact! To an unawakened soul however, this would more than likely not be the case.

Our friends know that one small mis-step with First Contact could cause riotous events at best on this world, and they must be very careful. This is why they have to have our ‘leaders’ make this announcement first, as those unawakened would certainly be more comfortable receiving this information from a familiar leader, rather an unfamiliar extraterrestrial, no matter how much they look like us. Worry not however, as it seems lately the media has been forced to begin reporting UFO sightings, clearly an effort to ready the public for full governmental disclosure. The and the governments around the world have already begun disclosing in noticeable ways, so worry not. Disclosure is on it’s way friends, and we are to see the fruits of our many labors on Earth!!

Much Love, Wes :D