24 August 2011  

Channeler:  Ann Murphy

Re-establish the Divine Rule. This rule consists of triple layers of thought and function. The first layer is that of Love, the Love of the earth, the Love of humanity, the Love to serve and the Love of the Divine.

The second layer is that of prosperity and wealth. Once one is attuned to the Divine Serpent energies their needs are always met but it is up to them to follow the limits of this wealth for too much can become a hindrance and distraction, so maintaining a balance is most important in this age of greed.

The third principle or layer is that of Union. Union with self, union with ‘other’ and union with the Divine matrices of light which crisscross the planet earth. Through Unity all other layers can be accessed and used for the betterment of the race and for all of the earth. There is no linear aspect to these three layers for they co-exist, a trinity of functions, if you will. Trying to follow these laws in a linear fashion would be counter-productive as they are designed to be lived not studied.

In order to pursue this course of action, this living of the laws, you must always remember to give thanks for all that is provided, for in giving thanks you welcome more into your life and you appreciate the gifts which you are given. To take any of these gifts for granted is to dismiss the loving beneficence of the Divine Mother and father for it is their gift to you, as humanity, as their children, and this must always be accounted for.

Try not to force this as it will come to you as you develop your gifts further. Suffice it to say that this ‘learning’ will prove its worth to you over time and you will see and understand that of which we speak. For now just hold the awareness of your life being in the lap of the Gods and of being always supported by that energy of the divine which supports all life on this planet. This will serve you well.

Adonai daughter of light and may your life always be lived as a reflection of the Divine for you are our mirror on earth.