9 August 2011

: Bashar

Once again we take this opportunity
to thank each and every one of you
for co-creating this transmission this day of your time.
Once again, each and every time all of you and each of you
allow such a transmissional link and bridge to be formed
it affords our civilization the opportunity to experience
creation through the eyes of more and more facets of the
and we thank you for this gift of expansion.

We would like to begin this transmission
this day of your time with the following small story:

There was a mighty spaceship with a curious
exploring the breadth and depth of the cosmos
and as they would then come to a new world in their exploration…
a new planet… a new solar system,
they would then with their curiosity investigate,
interact… share… trade… exchange,
taking what they needed of that which was freely given to them,
giving back that which was what the world might need,
what the people on the world might need.

And one day in the midst of such an exchange,
the crew was asked by the inhabitants
of one of the worlds they were visiting,
"Exactly, tell us if you would,
with this great, great majestic ship you have orbiting our world,
tell us if you would just exactly how powerful are you?"

And the of the crew said in response to this question,
"Our ship can boil your seas… turn them to steam,
level your cities in the wink of an eye,
turn your entire population to dust in an instant".
"Oh", said the inhabitants, "that is very powerful".
"No", said the captain,
"What gives us our power is that we would never do such a thing,
that is how powerful we are… that we have this at our disposal
and would never use it that way… that is how powerful we are".

So, like unto then, many of the circumstances
that rise up on your planet to face you… to challenge you,
you have many different tools at your disposal,
you have many different ways you can react and respond,
you choose at every moment
whether to exhibit the of power or not,
but heed the idea that while in certain circumstances,
you may from time to time think that certain actions
are demonstrations of power,
make sure you pause and stop and think again
so that you understand that the true demonstration of power
is awareness… compassion… and the lightest possible touch.

Because as we have said many times,
"That which is the greatest power requires
the lightest possible touch to get something done".
A great deal of pushing comes from those
that feel powerless… that feel they must manipulate
and push things into the direction they wish them to go.
Those that already know they are part of the Infinite,
those that already know there is no power greater
than what they are already a part of,
need not exercise a demonstration, for they will know
that in their allowance all things will fall into place
and that that allowance is the greatest power
that can be reflected to anyone else.

In all your endeavors… every single one without exception,
allow yourself that degree of immaculateness,
that degree of precision… that degree of composure and wholeness.
And as the channel has recently discussed with some of you,
the idea wholly is to step into the void,
to step into the nothing… freely… willingly…
and most important, gracefully.

For as you off of that diving board of familiarity,
resistance in the dive will only allow you to hit the water hard,
grace in the dive will allow you
to slip through the surface of the water… effortlessly.

You are all on the edge of the diving board,
now, in this time and place on your planet,
the changes have begun… the changes that are happening now,
and the changes that will continue,
it is up to you… each and every single individual one of you,
as to how you will experience the event of every ,
the changes in and of themselves
do not have to manifest in any particular way.

Change will occur.
The methodology… the presentment,
the effect of how you experience the change
is up to whether or not you dive with resistance or dive gracefully…
but dive you will!

Because you have decided to dive,
you have placed yourself by choice on the edge of the board,
you have invited the unknown into your reality
and it has answered your invitation… do not fear it.
It is what you want,
it is what you have asked for,
it is what you have prayed for…

Do not fear the form in which it comes,
it comes in the form it needs to come in
for you to be challenged… for you to grow,
each and every one of you according to your kind,
according to your belief… according to your vibration.

Embrace the unknown… embrace the change,
within it you will find the rest of yourself.
We salute you for your courage… and your strength
and your boldness… to have chosen such a challenging world,
it only shows you that you are that powerful
that you knew your power would be sufficient
to handle the challenges this world presents to you.

Know that… behave as if you know that,
and you will see and feel and experience your world
becoming the world of your dreams,
as you become… as you become the dream of the Infinite
as you surrender to yourself… to your true self,
and become the dream you were dreamed to be,
so too, will your world become a reflection of that dream.

Let go your expectations and assumptions,
let go your definitions… let go of who you think you are,
let go of who you think you're supposed to be.
Because, I will tell you this in all honesty,
you don't know who you are…
you don't know who you are…
you don't know who you are.
And I will tell you this… that is exactly as it should be.

When it is all right,
when you are comfortable with not knowing who you are,
then can you truly be who you are,
then you can truly reveal unto yourself
who you really were created to be…
but only when you stop thinking you know who you are.

Is this possible? It is all right to not know who you are?
This is part of what it is to leap into the void,
for only then when you have allowed there to be nothing,
can there be something.

If you hold on to something then there will always be nothing.
If you let go and let it be all right for there to be nothing,
and stay centered within your being,
stay centered within your joy… not your fear
then you will know where you are is where you need to be
and you will not fear that anything can take you,
you will not fear that you must give your power over,
you will not fear in any way, shape or form,
even when you fear… you will not fear,
because you will experience the fear in a different way,
you will experience it as information,
you will experience it as self awareness,
you will experience it as an opportunity
to add to the knowledge of yourself.

You will experience it as one of the valued events of your life,
for you are valued and valuable and you must value yourself
or nothing you have ever learned from any of us will work,
if you do not value who you are,
then you do not give yourself the ability to use any tool.

The first tool is to be yourself
and let it be all right to be who you are,
whatever that might be… then you can change.

But remember, change takes place within the nothing,
you do not experience the shift itself,
you only experience what comes after the shift,
you only experience the result of the change
that takes place in a world of space and time…
that is the world of experience.

The change takes place in timelessness
and so there is no experience of it,
not of the actual change itself,
but only of how you have changed.

Let yourself go into that timelessness,
so that you may be free and flexible
to change anytime it serves you,
anytime it allows you to be more of who you are,
and then trust that whatever it is you become,
whatever it is you have changed into
on the other side of the change
is who you need to be at that moment.
Work with it… live with it… love it,
above all… love who you are at every given moment.
For only by loving who you are now
can you then become anything else you can become.

If you invalidate even one moment of your existence,
you make it impossible to become any other moment,
for until you give each moment its full value and its full due
then it cannot become the next moment,
because there is only one moment.
What you experience as different moments are the same moment,
the same moment… but only from a different point of view.
You cannot escape the moment… there is only one.

By living in it fully and accepting it completely,
you allow yourself to then see
the same moment from another perspective,
but only when you have allowed the perspective you now have
to be valid for what it is…
for it is the stepping stone that leads to the next moment,
it is the rung on the ladder that leads to the next rung,
and if you do not step on the first one,
you will not reach the second one… or the third.

Once again, we thank you for the opportunity
to experience this gift of sharing with you.