17 August 2011


We come from the Dragon Realms to connect with ALL at this time of vast and upgrades. Know that we walk alongside of you at all times. Connecting to our is to be encouraged and we note that many are able to do this at this time. For others the connection to us may be slowed as the human tries to control residual fear that may have been planted within the illusion of what we are and how we relate to humankind.

Many tales are told of the Dragon Realms and much is illusion, to keep human BEings in ignorance of the power that we have and the power that is created when joins with Dragon energy. We ask at this time for ALL to process information relating to the Dragon Realms with the heart and FEEL if the information presented to them resonates deeply with them, for many human have worked lifetimes with the Dragon Realms. We stand now ready to support and guide ALL as ALL ARE ONE.

Many of you still live in the fear that the illusion planted within and we guide you to detach from the teachings of illusion. If you have fear around our energies then YOU have fear around YOUr energy for ALL ARE ONE. That is a TRUTH that illusion has tried to hide within the tales that it spins around our peoples. There are many different aspects of Dragon Realm culture than human kind are not privy to and we ask patience for those ready to work with us. Much fear has been created throughout the teachings of illusion and we must reveal ourselves slowly to allow humans to absorb and process our energies.

Dragon energy can be intense and we ask that if you have connected and have experienced that provoked fear within your BEing that this is a clue as to where the seeds of fear that were planted reside. We guide you to go within and to weed out that fear, for it has no place in the new. ALL realms work alongside humans for ALL humans are reaching more and more levels of TRUTH. As these levels deepen then more realms will step out and speak the TRUTH that all will find within their hearts. These TRUTHS were hidden within to allow for the lifting of the veils of illusion. To have a fully awakened human who had not stepped out of illusion would have created more chaos as that human would not be able to absorb the TRUTH within their BEing.

That is the reason of the importance of the heart and from living and process ALL human life experience from the heart, for Dragon energy is FELT, if you use your mind then you will not FEEL us as around you. For many the image of dragons as portrayed by illusion already instills the fear that was planted so long ago. We guide you to go within and to detach from the teachings. Follow your hearts and it will ALWAYS lead to you the TRUTH.

Many humans across the planet now struggle, even those who have awakened are finding the depth of illusion frustrating. We fully acknowledge this and we stand ready to serve in the process of lifting the veils of illusion. Know that when you have deep levels of illusion to move through that Dragon energy can and will help you. We are multi dimensional as ALL realms are and can access parts of YOU that may be just out of reach, know that working with us will CLEAR that which no longer serves. The process of for many humans across the planet has reached levels that have never been experienced before. Reach out to ALL who stand ready to guide and support you, know that you are never lost and never alone.

I speak for ALL Dragon Realms, of which there are many when I guide that we are with you as you walk this path. You will know when we are around you, when you are connecting to us for the first time then please know that you are safe, protected and no harm will come to you. If any of these fleeting thoughts pass through the mind then know that you have uncovered a level of fear and that needs to be weeded out and released. The angelic realms may help with this as required.

Much illusion surrounds ALL realms and once more we guide that ALL ARE ONE. It is perfectly possible to connect to Dragon energy and invoke the Archangels at the same time, how much energy that you can hold within your BEing is determined by your level of vibration, know that many humans walk the planet who are able to anchor more and more energy within their BEing.

We come through this channel to show our UNITY to ALL, as ALL ARE ONE. This is a phrase that will be used more and more as humans begin to absorb and process the TRUTH of who they are.

We watch over you, we guide and protect ALL as do ALL realms. The levels of fear are related to the veils of illusion that have been placed over your eyes. To weed out a level of fear sees a veil fall and you are left with a deeper level of TRUTH. That TRUTH is found always within your hearts.

We are the Dragon Realms and we stand in UNITY for ALL ARE ONE.