Channeler: Julie Miller
August 07, 2011

Dear children it is a pleasure to be speaking through this child again and to all of you.

Going through the many hardships you have and some of you are experiencing such challenges right now, and you may be thinking, "What in the world did I do?" Quite simply you did nothing but made a . And if you would have chosen differently at the time this was made, your challenge of that outcome would have been different. I would like to help you come learn to accept these difficult challenges and learn the lessons that are enfolded within them.

I have seen the most gracious and patient become extremely judgemental and turn towards a more negative attitude during such traumatic times. For some of you, this is quite normal, but also very draining on your own , and very draining on the energies of those around you. During these life lessons that are in front of you, or if you are removing negative past experiences that are upsetting, please take time for yourself. Love yourself. Show compassion and mercy to yourself dear ones during these times. Making practice of this more often during such moments will help you be calmer when dealing with others.

The hardships you have experienced is to help you learn how to resolve them and understand where the problem lies and why it happened. You gain perspective and wisdom dear ones. I discourage all of you that have done this, and that is blame yourself. You are not the blame to any relationship regardless if it was romantic or platonic. Relationships as you know, requires more than one person. The breakdown is a combination of things that have deteriorated. And even though both or all parties involved may state in the beginning a forever type of togetherness, it does not always work that way. They are not lying dear ones, at the time that is exactly what they are wishing. But as time goes on, personalilities change and the dynamics change and the traits that brought you together has changed. These are lessons dear ones. You get a little further as you move on. Each person comes into you life dear children for reasons, and they are all not meant to stay. They come with lessons dear ones and once the has been given then they move on. I know many of you have noticed this.

Embrace the lessons dear ones. Thank the lesson for what it holds. Remove the negative aspects and look at the positive. In the positive aspects is what you are gleaning from that relationship dear ones. Open your and thank the person that has moved on, giving them your unconditional love.

Living through your heart will help you live a more hamonous life even during hardships. When you live through your heart children, you are not only loving yourself completely, you are loving all who is in your life, including the ones you do not resonate with. Accept the people you do not resonate with dear ones. They have a purpose in your life, and its not to cause you misery as many of you think. They are there to remind you who you are. They are there to encourage your I AM affirmations, to remind you to believe in yourself. They will attempt to shake that belief, that is their purpose. When you are confronted by such individuals and you are finding it difficult to remain strong and true to who you have become, please call on me to support you. I will give you the additional you need to move past the difficult situation. I do know dear ones, all that you need to conquer the difficulties you face is inside of you. Don't fear your own , accept it and use it.

I would like to go back and discuss a little further the importance of clearing old patterns and expectations. With all the coming changes dear ones you are being weighed down by old patterns, old ways of thinking, caught up in past events, or you are being drawn into drama that is negative and doesn't really include you. I encourage all of you if you haven't done so already, to look at the events that from the past that are holding you back. Pick it all apart if you must. Learn dear ones the lessons from the past and then move away from it. Accept the lessons you have learned dear ones and release what has been holding you to a particulare event or circumstance. Then move on dear ones. Once you release, you are done with it. If you are drawn back to the same event or circumstance then you might have missed something and need to relook at it. I caution you dear ones to not stay in the past as you are to live in the present and prepare for the tomorrows that are coming. Learn to detach yourself once you have accepted and released an area in your past.

During these difficult moments, I encourage you to meditate as often as you can. I know for some of you this is incredibly difficult. Even five minutes a day, try to empty your mind of all thoughts, allow yourself to be still. It takes practice dear ones and the want to do this. Meditation will help bring much calm into your lives. Practice deep breathing techniques with your eyes closed where your only focus is on the breathing. Learn ways dear ones that effective for you that will help keep you centered and balanced.

Everyday is a new opportunity to grow and become more of your Light self dear ones. Don't shy away from it, grasp it with vigor and with love. Go into your day with a smile on your face, laugh whole-heartedly, and find joy in the simple things dear ones.

And so it is…