08/20/2011 at 12:45 pm


Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world's weighing me down.  I'm sure many people have felt this, it's a pretty common experience.  My inspiration told me that this of being weighed down is 's energy resisting the light, resisting healing, and also mine.  Which is totally natural.  I feel it in my , because I am part of .

A few days ago I felt my chakras were "burning."  My Angels told me that I was feeling the part of me that was resonating with world hunger and poverty.  I was shocked, I had no idea I was doing that.  They explained to me that is not because I have weak boundaries and am "taking on" people's energy.  It was because my mind recognized we are all ONE humanity, and that every 's suffering is also my , and their happiness is also my fulfillment.

My own personal issues are just a drop in the bucket of world consciousness – if an individual on earth were to be transplanted to a place full of only light, they would heal in minutes I think.  It's our collective awareness on earth that bogs each individual down or buoys them.  I asked Adama, what makes the difference between someone who always feels the lightness of the world, the someone who feels the weight of the world?

He responded that I feel the weight of the pain of the world because I need to be more willing to share the light.  I already share through blogs and channeling, but a lot of me has been holding back, saying "no" to sharing light on some levels.  That's because it doesn't matter what I am doing.  What matters is the true willingness, felt throughout the core of my being.  Even if my mind thinks I'm willing, my body will let me know if I'm not, if I'm withholding love and light from myself or others.  And that's when I start to feel that weightiness.

I have thought a lot about the "taking in" of other people's energies.  For many it feels difficult to stop feeling others' pain, despite all the protection prayers and energetic barriers they use.   This is because boundaries are not always the issue.  In my case, the symptoms were indicators to how aligned I was with receiving and sharing the light of Spirit.  The symptoms tell me whether my thoughts are focusing on limitation and darkness or light and abundance.  I didn't even know I was doing it.

Sometimes I laugh because I say to myself, "I need to be constantly vigilant around positive thinking."  Then I think of the character in Harry Potter, Mad-Eye Moody, shouting to his class that they must have "CONSTANT VIGILENCE!" against the dark.  I picture him slamming his fist down and his crazy eye bugging all over the place.

Okay, maybe leaving out the paranoia (and maybe leaning toward "pronoia"), I can still learn to unleash the floodgates and bring in all light.  I've heard the body is the best indicator as to what you truly feel, so now I have this handy tool to let me know when I am hiding or withholding and need to really share deeply and fully.

When doing inter-dimensional healing, I connected with Elliot of Telos, an Ascended Master, and asked if there was a switch I could use to make myself stop feeling other's pain.  I remember that he showed me a giant switch and invited me to go ahead and turn it off.  I guess the lesson was, "No-one's stopping you, Erin!"  Over the weeks that followed, I continued to resonate to other's pain, which frustrated me, it's true.  Gradually, as I let go more and made more choices to turn to love fully, the energies bothered me less.  Then I came to the point of realizing how much of a choice it really is, every single moment, to choose more light and love than I did the previous moment.

in her books on Telos talked about building a momentum of light, and I can see how making the choice at every opportunity for the light does this, it builds momentum so that it becomes so much easier to feel it and stay there.

So, constant vigilance…constant vigilance…

♥ Erin