12 August 2011 


Hello you beautiful being

The of the last couple of days has been VERY difficult.  Early this week began with /solar winds, and of a magnitude quite exceptionally strong.  But now something different is affecting us and my sense is the were preparing us…

The last few days those are the words that feel right to me in my experience.  I'm feeling this huge surge within me to Re-Boot myself and reflecting and meditating to understand what this is about and attuning myself for inspiration as to what this means in terms of my life.  

My feeling is: we're re-booting our entire existence right now!


The wonderful of the solar flares is if we welcome them with appreciation and know how, we may use these energies to build our KA /our etheric and it is this which we are increasingly awakening too, for it is our eternal being as present here and now with us, interpenetrating us.  Our ascension vehicle!

{FYI: I love this meditation from for utilizing the energies: http://tomkenyon.com/partaking-from-the-solar-winds }

this month is about nourishing, , and transforming…like so much of our experience has been lately.  But even deeper than that, it feels to me that we are in a specific conversion energetically: as if there is a vast re-booting of our whole biosphere taking place right now

Similar to when we re-boot our phone or computer–while it's happening, not much else can be accomplished.  You may feel this in waves or cycles.  For some it seems more sustained and like a long period of integration, clearing, void, repeat.  Many are feeling very tired.  Easily irritated.  Unusually emotional, or emotions obviously out of scale with what is happening.  Some people are finding they have to withdraw and just be by themselves in nature. I have received emails from people telling me they can't get re-connected with what is their "normal" temperament." 

I encourage you to find that still point within you and attune to your own guidance for what will give you peace and clarity as often as you need it.  The world is experiencing some major shock-waves of change and our peaceful harmonious dwelling within is a great gift and stabilizer, as well as important for our own well being.

I noticed when I received the message The 5th World Prophecy is Fulfilled that it was interesting that many of us resonated with this.  And equally interesting that so much of the world went by seemingly unable to sense this shift. I feel now we are seeing the beginning implications of this in world affairs and in the energy progression of the planet. 

If you remember, in the August Energy Update, Getting a 2nd Wind – Grounding to Create Change we were invited to realize we're at the beginning of the process of creating now our peaceful planet.  It's very important that we each learn how to ground ourselves in big energy, how to care for our beautiful bodies, how to tune into our own guidance and how to continually return to the embodiment of our ideals energetically: peace, love, oneness, harmony…

We are all connected to the planet and one with the Earth.  We are all flowing the life source energy we receive–all of us–from the Great Central Sun.  So as this birthing of the new world enables vastly different energies flowing into our entire biosphere, and each of us as expressions/extensions/versions of Source Energy, things are changing in a FUNDAMENTAL way.

It's like everything is getting a whole new .

This weekend many of us are coming together to focus on the new energies and to open up to what's now available in our .  The ancient knowledge of all that has been, is wonderful about our civilization, our culture, our planet, is within the DNA and energy of our very beings.  The New 5th World Energies are opening within YOU.

Would you like to participate in an immersion experience to open the knowledge within YOUR energy field?  If this speaks to you, click below and see if this experience serves you. 

It's time to partake of these new, emerging energies and the potential is available to open up greater clarity informed by your own multidimensional perspectives and rhythms.

New Dawn Energies


For more information and to register/order a download of the mp3, please click HERE. 

Whatever you're doing this weekend, I invite you to spend some time in the next few days in deep reflection tuning into this amazing fundamental opening.  This is what we came here for.  Give yourself the gift of noticing, sensing, trusting your own perceptions and considering anything which comes forth to you as a sense of meaning and perception of what is happening.  The mystery of re-birthing our entire planetary existence is happening all around us and within us!  Give yourself the gift of being not only a participant, but an appreciative thoughtful observer. 
(Speak the truth within you and together may we see and appreciate more of the whole of this positively unprecedented enormous happening!)

Your perspectives and focus alter the collective One that we are.  Together understanding informs being and being creates vaster potentials for understanding: its an acceleration of expansion and elevation of perspective we're creating together!
Endlessly grateful for you.
Peace and love!