18 August 2011

: El Anora

Stand up soldier! Stay straight! Come on now, buck up! Man up! BAH, that&;s not , that&;s not life, that&;s not love! Gentle we are, kind we are, fun we are, changeable we are, joyous we are. Don&;t you want to break the mould?
Every faery likes to play, if play was a job, it would be the faery way, because we are not faery doers, we are faery be’ers, and (you can also drink us yes, we are quite an aphrodisiac, but do not be surprised if we start tickling your stomach).
But why so serious!? Why? WHY? WHY? Is life not joyous, if you see it through our eyes! And what about the unicorns, and what about the bears, and what about the children, at the Stars they stare! Why should we be serious, when you need our silliness the most!
Your so bogged down, but we can unbog you, but we warn you, if we unbog you you can’t float, you will just have to drown, and no-one will catch you, but you just might see, that if you let yourself sink, you might just be able to swim!
Ugly duckly, do you not know you’re a swan? Little frog, do you not know you’re a ? Little girl, do you not know you’re a unicorn?!

Don’t forget to dream! Where life is never as it ever seems, think outside the box, and if you have to think inside the box, then at least make your box really shiny! (I like to decorate mine in gold pastels and chickory (<why chickory?) WHY NOT, ITS MY BOX!)
But what if they are worried about the problems of the world? I KNOW THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD. I actually met them one day, on a hiking retreat, they aren’t so bad actually. They seem bad at first, but once you sit down with them, and talk for awhile, they are some pretty cool guys, and (I think one of them is a faery) but he will never tell you that.
HE WON’T? No, he wouldn’t be much of a problem if he let on that he actually cared (so shhhhh…) Well, I might like to sit with these problems! I MIGHT LIKE TO TOO! But not for very long, they are always talking about and how much of a shortage there is, and I am like wait, we have plenty of nuts for the squirrels, and they are like, well humans don’t eat nuts, and I AM LIKE: LIAR! Everyone eats nuts, but you can’t have these nuts, the squirrels are hoarding them! Why? ARE THEY HOARDING THE NUTS.
Well, they like nuts, so they figure they better store them up, you know for the summer. FOR THE SUMMER? Of course, when is there a better time to eat nuts. What was the we were talking about?
AH YES, THE POINT. It was STOLEN. By whom, the point-stealer. Well, should we get it back, ONLY IF WE GO ON A QUEST. A QUEST FOR THE POINT. But not now, to be continued….