8 August 2011

: El Anora

My dear friends, I would like to be completely honest with you, and I want to use an to do that. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who complains the entire time you are with them, they always talk about the negative side of life, and how much their life is bad, and they can plot out all of their ailments, and tell you about every bad thing that has happened to them? Do you know these people? Then after you leave your time with them, you feel drained, exhausted, your is lower, and you may even start to get negative yourself.

The reality is that a Truly Loving being does not seek problems, they seek solutions. The person in the above statement is not seeking a solution, they are seeking a problem, and they are seeking to magnify that problem. When you offer them a solution, it is never quite good enough, and they will always find an excuse as to why its not good enough, because they have to perpetuate their problem.

The thing to realize in situations like this is there is no winner, and you will never be able to find a solution, because the person in question enjoys their problems. Yes, I said it, they enjoy their problems. Somewhere along the way they decided life would be far easier for them if they "expected" the bad rather than the good, the have grown comfortable in this mind set, they are literally happy being miserable.

It is not up to you to change their minds, or to make them better, you can't. The most loving thing you can do is simply leave them be. And I say this with love, but this goes very ever person who focuses on the negative in the news, the negative in our galaxy, the negative about , and the negative about just anything else. You have gotten so use to living in terror, that to live is hope seems impossible. But some of us choose to believe, even when all odds are against us, because it FEELS good to believe, and that is different than knowing, One is from the HEART, the other is from the mind.

I care nothing about death. It doesn't matter to me, and I am simply being honest with you. I have already died once, came back. Death is not something scary to me, it is simply a transition. Anyone who is holding onto the illusion of death is still holding onto their physical bodies, the physical body is temporary, the spirit is eternal. It does not matter to me if I go out in a body bag, or in a space ship, either way I am going out, it is simply change.

Death has no meaning, life has meaning. When you have lost everything, died, lost your mind, lost everything you held dear, and then you wake up from it, you do not mourn, you APPRECIATE. Life has new meaning. Everything becomes more vibrant, because even one day of JOY is better than a thousand years of suffering. Do you understand this?

Until you let go of this fear of death, you will always live in fear. Until you give up the attachment of your bodies, you will always live in your body. Until you accept responsibility for your actions, your actions will ALWAYS be the result of someone else, created or otherwise.

You are the SOLE person responsible for your actions in this life, and how you affect others IS your responsibility. I just read how some people were committing SUICIDE over thinking 2012 was the end of the world. If you do not realize how your words, thoughts, and deeds affect others at this point, there is nothing I can do to impress upon you its implications.

I am sorry my friends, but I do not care to have blood on my hands. When I care for others, I take that job very seriously, and I do not respect anyone, at any time, who plays with other peoples hearts frivolously.

My dear ones, this is not a negative lesson, this is a needed kick in the pants. Sometimes we get so complacent in our own selfishness, we forget that there are other people too. Please, let go of your own fear. If the world ends tomorrow, rejoice.

I love you, and I am asking you, my family, please, no more negativity period. Your own job is to love one another, to care about the earth, and to enjoy your life. It is NOT your responsibility, to solve all the worlds problems. There is only one problem, fear, and there is only one solution, Love. If you do not understand this by now, I do not know what else can be done to convince you.

Yours always,

El Anora