Channeled by:
August 08, 2011

Dear people of the who inhabit it, it is pleasing to come forth and speak through one of the many children of the and to all of you.

Everyone is to a degree being effected by all the changes that are occurring around the globe and within yourself. As I change, you change. We are all connected children. Many of you know this and realize this, and a few seem to forget. Busy lives can do this.

As more and more of you adopt a newer more loving way to live in the of your existence, you are helping me . You may have been born out of your mother's womb, but it is you that are creating your existence now. It is you that is choosing where your path will take you. Along that path you find me wherever you go. Every time you are able to pick up a piece of litter that another has left behind, you are helping me breath better and look nicer. Every time you dig in your garden regardless if you have potted plants or actual bedded gardens and you use your hands you are reconnecting to me in a very special way. The Earth at your fingers is cooling, if you allow your senses to take over, you will find peace within that cooling and texture of the Earth at your fingers. The plant or flower that is there is because of your love. And it does speak to you in its own way. I can see some of you scoff at this idea of their flowers talking. They talk in ways of their colours, their height, their growth, or lack of. They tell you when you have fed them too much or not enough. They let you know if they require more shade or need to be in more sun. By paying attention to such fine details you are listening to them and you are focusing on only them, nothing else for that small moment.

During the rush of your everyday lives, its important dear ones to remember to stay in touch with the nature that is around you. It will bring you serenity on a early summer morning and peace when the coolness of the evening as it comes in. The surface of the Earth is your playground, workplace, where your residence is constructed, where you vacation, it is there for you to enjoy.

I am only here today as a reminder to all of you here on this beautiful planet, while you are learning to respect all the people that live here, you are also remembering to respect me. As you send unconditional love to people across the world, you are also loving me. I have loved you and those before you and before them. I love you now. My shaking and twists are my way cleansing and repairing some of the damage time and neglect has caused. My no means am I punishing. I will always cradle you as you sleep warmly in your beds at night. When a shaking or an eruption takes a dear soul from this planet, it is not because I am angry dear ones, it is because before this life, this is what was agreed upon. When you hear of floods and other natural disasters taking people from this Earth, out of their human bodily shells, remember this is what was chosen by them before now.

When you can dear ones, reach for me. I am always around you. Find time to walk bare feet in the grass on or a sandy beach, walk with focus to feel the grain of and the softness or dryness of the grass. I see you running everyday, rushing to meet some deadline. I understand for some of you, your lives have become much more busier than they were a few years ago. have changed, you have changed. Change is necessary. All the changes you have faced and are still confronting is helping you grow and become wiser than you were. As you master these changes, don't forget you have many beings around you, loving you and cheering for you. You do not have to put your feet in the grass or walk barefoot in the sand. It was my suggestion and example for you to connect to me that is tangible and physical.

What you are seeking on your journey of becoming one with the light, with the Source of all Creation is within you, within all of you. Have faith dear ones in yourself that you will get there, in your own time at your own pace. I cherish all of you.

And so it is, Gaia