August 02, 2011

Blessings to all of you dear ones! It is always delightful when we of the divine can speak through a vessel to speak to you. This dear woman has allowed me to speak through her after already receiving a message. She knows how much I have for the people of this magnificant world.

Many of you dear ones have reached a time in your life when you want to know who you are. Take away the occupation, the make up, take down all the walls, and dig into the beliefs you were raised on and to discover which of them holds true to you. Some of these beliefs that are instilled into you are culteral and religious and they also need to be examined because the times are changing, you are changing. This is a time to take a look at what you have known yourself to be and see what resonates, what you agree to be really you. Sounds like hard work, and it is, and it requires courage, trust and faith among others things.

When you dig deep and reflect on what you have learned through your whole life, you might be beginning to see some of it has changed for you. You are now living in an era where is happening everywhere, and this does effect everyone to some degree. It is okay to no longer believe in some of the things you might have been told as a youngster to be true. Find your true self dear ones. Before you can really speak YOUR truth, you need to know what that truth is. You can use I AM affirmations with some of this, but you really will need time to yourself and look at what has changed.

Being on the , brings change. Being on the brings change to a person's way of thinking. You are finding there are many others that are now learning who they really are, and this learning never ceases. Every so often you will reflect and take note of the changes and be amazed at how far you have come. Time is very relative, but it moves fast as you have noticed when you are so busy.

So many of you are caught up in past events and when this happens dear ones you cannot move forward. You cannot fix the past. You can learn from it and then move on. Accept the past events for what they are and live in the present which is also preparing for tomorrow. Living each and every in the present is where you are. Its where you will find who you are also. The past can be a guide as you learn from the events that are there, but it is not meant to dictate who you are today. And who you are today, does not predict who you are in the future. There is so much for you to do in this lifetime, in this . I am here to help you stay focused in the present and to move away from negative events that already happened. I am here to guide you to finding your true self.

When you are able to drop certain old beliefs and adopt a newer way of being and thinking, you will begin to learn you are. You will see things from a different perspective. Your heart is opening to a purer love that is unconditional. You will see with the purity of a child. Take a moment if you can, and see the wonder from a child's eyes. You have been working so long and hard, that you have been removed from this way of thinking for such a long that it may sound childish and silly. I am not asking you to be this way for long, just a few minutes. See your world from a child's view. The way you view the world and the way a child does is different. They add a fresh spin to what is there.

I am sensing our time today is near an end. This one is fading on me. She is too kind to ask me if I am done yet [smiles]. I think the point I was attempting to make is clear. Finding who you are is our focus with this message. Learning what old beliefs to remove and what to keep. Learning what makes you YOU. You are growing so much on your spiritual path of the Light. Your own light is superb.

Please seek my guidance should you require strength, encouragement, and support along this part of your journey.

In much radiant Love and Light, I embrace you with my Uncondtional Love, Archangel Haniel