18 August 2011


We welcome you and we and support you at all times, we are the and we are here with words of support for ALL at this time. We come through this channel to show UNITY and to help those who follow the words and guidance of other realms to realise that ALL ARE ONE.

As the of are pulled from your eyes the reaction of many humans across the planet is one of confusion. It may take time to integrate the TRUTH into your very BEing, so long has the kept the veil and TRUTH from you that it is a process of absorption that must be undergone to fully resonate with the TRUTH. We acknowledge that not all humans will do this, many humans will try to step back behind the veil they have lifted and this causes and mayhem in their creation of the human .

It can be comforting to a human to have various patterns that are followed daily, however illusion works to teach that this is how human life experience SHOULD be lived and we guide you to detach from this teaching. The depth of teaching around this is such that many struggle with the detaching, oscillating between allowing TRUTH to be absorbed and trying to place the veil back down. We guide that this is a time of growth and expansion for ALL and that this process is one that must be followed by connection to the heart.

Whilst the human mind will try to make sense of the TRUTH that is revealed, whilst the human mind tries to work out the pattern that must now be followed the heart is disconnected but dear ones it is only through connection WITH the heart that the TRUTH may be fully absorbed. The human mind will go to various scenarios and cause various different scenarios to be shown in an attempt to control that which is perceived as chaos. Know the chaos is only the balancing of TRUTH within your BEing.

It is akin to a human being told the sky is and never fully looking at the sky. They may live for years believing the sky is until one day they actually LOOK at the sky and see the sky is blue. The mind will go into overdrive trying to rationalise why the human thought that the sky was in the first place. There may be some period of intense scrutiny of the sky in this example, with the human constantly checking to make sure that the sky is blue, going over and over why it could have been and why it took them so long to realise that it is blue. Do our words resonate with you? Can you see how this can be applied to revealing a TRUTH.

In the example we use the way out is to absorb the fact that the sky is blue, to connect with the heart and LET GO of the reasons or the mind chatter as to how this could have come about. It is the letting go that humans have the most struggle with as they engage mind and not heart. For illusion is constantly teaching you to use the mind whilst ignoring the heart. Only the heart knows TRUTH. When a TRUTH is unveiled it is FELT, no amount of rationalisation will absorb an emotion dear ones. If you are asked why you love another it will take the mind forever to come up with an actual reason why you would love them. You can spend a long time listing what it is about them that you love but you cannot put into words the actual love, because that is FEELing. Do our words resonate with you dear ones?

We do not reprimand, we merely draw your attention to the way that the illusion has trained humans to react to events and to situations. The mind is engaged immediately and the heart is not consulted until later. The new is about FEELing, it is about engaging the heart and the emotions and living TRUTH. Much of it cannot be rationalised because it is not needed. We do not ask you to think your TRUTH dear ones, we ask you to FEEL you truth. There is a huge difference, many humans are still maintaining the logic thought processes and this will impact hugely on the absorption of TRUTH. Whilst you engage the brain to work out how this could be the heart is crying out to be engaged, for only by connecting to the emotion will you be able to FEEL TRUTH.

We acknowledge that the concept of FEELing for many results in fear coming to the surface, the human mind rushes in and teaches that to not feel fear then the heart must be disconnected but that is illusion, for it is only the heart that can move YOU through the fear. Illusion has taught since your birth that the world is a fearful place, so you have been trained to react to this through illusion. It may take some time for that reaction to cease, many instinctively react and we ask you to look at this. If you spend a good portion of your day on high alert, then you are not in your heart, for the heart would not have you in “flight or fight” mode. If you are connected through your heart you are connected to source and the LOVE that IS. You will be able to tap into the peace and tranquillity that is at YOUr core BEing.

Know that EACH ONE OF YOU has this core of peace, it is the levels of illusion that stops you from reaching this. Each veil is a layer to be worked through to reach this peace. Many humans look around and state that peace will never come to the planet yet fail to realise TRUTH and that is that peace is already within each and every one of the humans alive on the planet. All that keeps YOU from TRUTH and peace is illusion and the illusion of fear. Whilst you believe you are separate, whilst you believe there is nothing other than what your eyes and ears tell you, whilst you look externally for the peace that you crave you will not find it. ALL is within.

Human life experience is created by humans. YOU create YOUr life, if that life sees no peace in it then YOU are in illusion, the need to go within is there and the need to uncover that which no longer serves and which blinds YOU to TRUTH must be unveiled. Illusion will seek to stir drama within your life experience. Know that when drama hits your life experience you have disturbed a veil, that veil is ready to be lifted. Do not attach to drama for that is what illusion teaches you must do, this strengthens the veil, whilst you see the drama as external and out of your control then you are in illusion. Detach from the drama and watch it. Realise that it is an opportunity for growth and expansion. If you do not entertain the drama it cannot reinforce the veil, if you stay with it and pour the LOVE that IS through the drama, the veil will dissolve in front of your eyes.

Illusion has taught drama and kept on teaching drama IS the human life experience and we guide you to detach from this. Look at the media dear ones, look at the programmes you watch for entertainment and be aware of how “drama” is reinforcing the veil that is there. This is NOT who YOU are, YOU are not defined by the drama that unfolds in your life or around YOU. All is there for learning, for expansion and growth. Those who are asleep and who will not awaken in this life journey are there to provide the drama for YOU to work through the layers. For every human you experience who is locked in drama there is a chance for YOU to lift a veil.

Illusion uses smoke and mirrors to teach this lesson. Would you stand in an empty room and argue with yourself again and again? Would there be anything to be gained from doing this? We use this example to illustrate the smoke and mirrors, for ALL ARE ONE. Therefore each time you interact with another human in “drama” you argue with YOU. For that human is YOU and YOU are they, for ALL ARE ONE. Do you see how illusion keeps you from TRUTH, how that TRUTH is before your eyes yet you are blind due to the thick veil?

Separation is the illusion, competition is the illusion yet many will get into heated dramas around both. Whilst you argue that one skin colour is better than another, whilst you argue if one is better than another you do not see the smoke and mirrors. The illusion has taught you not to LOOK behind the veil. ALL ARE ONE. There is a human phrase we pluck from the mind of our channel “cannot see the wood for the trees”. Does this resonate dear ones?

Take a step back and engage the heart, go within and process TRUTH dear ones, there are some TRUTHs that will take a lot of processing and a lot of absorption, there is no race, there is no time limit on absorbing TRUTH for this is YOUr life experience. Once more illusion dances with you if you try to get ahead and unveil too much too soon. You will FEEL overwhelmed and illusion will rush in to teach.

We are the Galactic Council and we are here to guide and support at this time. Much TRUTH is being revealed and we ask that ALL humans take time to process and absorb TRUTH. ALL ARE ONE.

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