3 August 2011

Channeler: Pep St.Wolf

As a new dawn breaks over humanity there are a few points in which you should pay particular attention.

1) Your past does not dictate your future as it is merely a reflection of who you once were, not who you are now. You are ever changing and in the ’s seat to create your present and future. Remorse and regret are not required as you cannot change what has already passed you. Letting go and is what is vital for your .

2) Life continues on into infinity and not even the death of the physical body will prevent you from reaching the you have long waited for. The passing on of one from your realm to another is merely a transition of the soul from one dimension to another, and you currently have millions of ‘non physical’ beings living amongst you. Non will be held back unless that it is their will.

3) is paramount. As the time for the final step in the ascension process draws ever nearer, it still remains your to walk the path to the light. This requires that you spend more time in connection with the ‘all that is’, whether it be in meditation, prayers, creative pursuits, time in nature, and the like. It is up to you to prepare your inner light and vibration to resonate with that which you will enter into. To prepare now is to mean that the journey will be much smoother when the time arrives.

4) Do not be concerned about any others except yourself, for others are not your responsibility and you are not here to save anyone. Every single person must trust that to assist in the raising of of those on the Earth realm, the must be raised in the self first. To act and live in accordance with love, one must first love themself. To assist in bringing light to the world, the light must first emanate from within. Everyone is here for their own experience and you need not worry about their progress, for they are progressing in alignment with their soul’s own requirements.

5) Make it your intention to work solely from the . This is difficult for many as their fears, insecurities, and ego most often prevents them from stepping into the centre and letting all else wash away. Do not buy into others fears, insecurities, and ego-centred energies. There will be many who will try to steer you away from your , away from connectedness and away from the ‘all that is’. They will criticise, argue, behave ignorantly and arrogantly, and in contradiction from the vibration of love and you may feel yourself respond. This is one of the most potent aspects of the illusion as it is here that you have already been steered away, judging others against your own measure and falling back into the duality. To work only from love means to work in oneness and connectedness, letting all else go.

6) You are a powerful light being made from infinite love, and the potency of your creative potential is immeasurable. Look no further than yourself for all that you require, for all is within you.

It is with clear and divine intention that I pass these words to you. May you allow them to enter your hearts and challenge that which you have been so reluctant to let go. Even the greatest master is still a student. Trust that all of the experiences for wisdom, knowledge and growth are in your hands. Love and blessings.