9 August 2011

Channeler: Pep St.Wolf

Message from Paua'Alowa – 8th August, 2011

Welcome to the dawning of your new world, one that pulses and beats in with your true . We have watched as you have climbed almost insurmountable odds to get where you are right now. It is the faith in the divine outcome and driving light of your soul purpose that emanates from your very being that has got you here. Through all of the torment, despair, and negativity that you may have experienced in this incarnation, the light of your soul shone through and illuminated the path for you so you could see that the darkness is merely temporary and mostly self-inflicted allowing you to learn what is important for your soul's journey toward ascension. In the times that many of you had nearly chosen a way out of the chaos and 'hopelessness' by your own hand, it was then that your light shone the brightest, providing you a sparkle of life in the illusion of complete darkness. Please do not dismiss the power of your own soul, your to the 'all that is' and the fact that to still be here, living an Earthly existence in a world that is full of difficulties, strife, and a tangible misalignment to the true integrity, love, compassion, and light of your soul is to prove just how amazingly brilliant the light inside you shines.

Understand that your true essence lies within the nectar of the 'all that is'. Just as the thick juice of fruit tastes sweet, is joyous, and nourishing, so is living within your true essence. We all belong to this one essence, and all have a right to live within the sweetness of this essence at all times. The true essence of who we really are at our deepest level never fades, never dissipates and is forever available for those who choose to live in alignment with it. We would never force or dictate to anyone that this is the soul's requirement, for each has access to the infinite knowledge that allows one to make decisions for themselves. As we have stated before; your life is your own and you have chosen it, for it is up to you to make each and every decision to fulfil the soul contract that you have agreed to in this incarnation. Do not doubt or question your motives, for it is in the most difficult times, those that stress and strain you the most, that the most significant of learnings 'clicks into place'.

Many of you are so hard on yourselves for things that ultimately do not truly matter. All that matters is that you experience life, be it in your words 'good or bad'. In the of the creator, nothing is 'good nor bad', all 'just is' and it is the experience and learning from the experiences that matter. Connect with yourselves at a deeper level at every opportunity, let go of the control, the need to do, be, have, want, etc. It is in this state of consciousness, that state where you try to control, that the beautiful, innate flow of the universe is halted, and your life feels somewhat 'out of balance'. We ask you to be kind, loving, and compassionate with yourself, for by loving yourself first you are paying honour and homage to the all through the knowledge that we are all one.

One of the many paths to ascension is finding the joy in the everyday, be it the smell of cut grass in the summer, a warm breeze blowing gently across your face, the gentle snoring of someone sleeping peacefully, or the taste of fresh water upon your lips. Joy can be found in the everyday, always, and by choosing to pay attention to that which makes your heart open and expand, you are honouring your unique experience as a three dimensional being. As you move toward ascension, your senses will heighten to a level you cannot comprehend, however creating a conscious and 'everyday' connection to your senses now, provides you glimpses of what is to come. To 'stop and smell the roses' is to truly connect and align with your beingness in the all.