16 August 2011

Channeler: Pep St.Wolf

Message from Paua'Alowa – August 16th 2011

And soon clarity will fall upon you unlike any that you have witnessed or experienced upon this three-dimensional plane. Your behaviours of the divine, those that see you connect with the deepest parts of Earth, the joy and acknowledgement of nature and all of creation, and the return to your inner light through meditation, dreaming and a conscious alignment with your heart flow centre, are indeed delivering to you all that you could of hoped for and imagined within this realm of Earth.

Your dedication and commitment to your spiritual growth, and disconnection to that of the illusion which no longer serves your soul purpose, is providing you opportunities of wisdom and knowledge that set your connection to the overlapping fifth dimensional energies that are currently shifting your Earth. I further challenge you to let go of the rest of the ALL that no longer serves you and create the conscious doorway that sees you step forward into your and never need to walk backwards.

Many of you already sit here beside us as light beings, watching that part of yourself that you have set on a learning pathway on the Earth realm. You are both amazed and inspired by that part of yourself that negotiates the density and heaviness of the Earth realm, and know that the lessons and knowledge that you gain whilst incarnated as will serve you infinitely as you continue to ascend and work as a being of the light across the universe.

A wise being once said that ‘the ALL is within the ALL’; do not discount or discredit your connection to everything. You experience what you do, for you need to, to make judgements upon it is part of your human processing, but know that you had already set out these lessons for your present incarnation before your first breath in this lifetime. Many of you have done these lessons over and over again, each time improving the learning and transforming the of them. By learning this knowledge so intensely on this Earth school, you are able to teach others throughout your various incarnations across the universe.

Many of you feel as though you live many existences simultaneously and that is true. As light beings many of you work throughout the universe in roles akin to your Earthly role, and sometimes ‘feel’ yourself ‘out there’ somewhere. Others may feel as though this existence contradicts who they truly are and yearn to be ‘back home’ somewhere. It is important that you anchor yourself first and foremost as a light being of the infinite divine. Know that you are home wherever you find yourself as your connection to the ‘all that is’ ensures it is so.