People of the . We walk among you now, in physical form, and in this planetary sphere of existence. Look for us, we have been waiting for this time, and it is upon you. Some of you have seen us already, others of you are waiting. The emergence will happen in its own time, not in your time. This is most vital.

The vibratory crystal of your earth is spinning, and now we have ignited it to spin faster, and so your bodies are re-aligning, and re-emerging, generating and turning, spinning to a rhythm with a Grander beat. Know this: ONE is the consciousness of the many. ONE is the of the nations. ONE is the time of rebirth.

111 This is the moment of the Aeons, when of Sirius shall align overhead on your blue-planet, and shall forth descend the Masters from the Stars, and until the earth they shall come, and in their hands shall they bear fruit, and the fruit will contain seeds, and these seeds will be spread to the children, and the children will eat of the seeds, and inside of them shall grow a tree, and this tree will sprout wings, and upon those wings will be placed letters, and upon those lets will we create an alphabet, and upon that alphabet will we hang stars, and upon those stars will we make banners, and upon those banners it shall read: “ALL THOSE WHO SEEK THE HEAVENS, HEAVEN HAS COME.&;

And there shall be marching in the streets, and there shall be banners placed up to the stars, and upon those stars will be beams of light, and upon that light shall ride an ark, and upon that arch will carry many species, and upon those species there shall be a mark, and upon that mark shall be a generation, and upon that generation shall be a blessing, unto the ages. And there will come a time when the people of the earth shall look up to the stars, and in that time the stars will turn into One, and in that oneness the people of the earth will look not up to the Heavens for salvation, but within their own hearts, and when they have looked into their hearts they shall see a reflection, and when they see that reflection they will know their Truth, and upon that Truth shall be built a monument, and upon that monument shall be a message, and that message will read: “THE DAY THE EARTH IS AT PEACE.”

And through that people will come a token, and that token shall be a dollar sign, but it will not be a dollar sign, it will be for the many, for in that day no-one shall want for , nor shall they want for clothing, nor shall they want for anything of their hearts desires, for unto them will be given , and that shall be placed upon that earth, and that earth shall be filled with the vibration of the of heaven, and the earth shall, “WANT NO MORE.”

And when the governments of the earth see the stars, they shall shout out from their golden temples, “LOOK NOT TO THE CHILDREN OF THE SKY, FOR THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THUNDER” But their words shall not avail, nor shall their pleas, nor shall their cries, for the SKY ONES shall descend, and upon the earth they will lay a blessing, and that blessing will crumble the temples of the earth, and reveal the roots beneath it, and the roots beneath it shall grow up from the temples, and the sacred cities beneath the earth will rise, and the beings under the earth shall come up from the earth, and when they see the moon up in the sky, and the beaken of grandeur, they will bow to the SKY ONES, and say, “FORGIVE US FATHERS, FOR WE DID NOT KNOW.”

And all will be forgiven, for in that time the bodies of the dark ones will vanish, for having descended they shall be no more, and the DRAGON will disappear into the clouds, and from the clouds shall come rain, and that rain will wash away the sins of the people. And when the sins of the people are no more, A RAINBOW SHALL EMERGE FROM THE SKY, and all the Christians of the earth will say, IT MUST BE A SIGN.

But it will be to no avail, for their bodies will be left upon the earth, yet in the SKY they will have ascended. And all the muslims on the earth will pray, and all the Native Americans shall pray, and all the Christians shall pray, and all the Buddhists shall pray, and all The Great Mothers shall come into their temples, and in the light of their own re-membrance, they shall begin to pray, and the daughters of men and the men of daughters shall pray, and the people of the Sun shall pray, and all the Temples of the earth shall collapse in the sound of THUNDER. And lightning shall strike, and the Tree will be split, and the body will crumple, and out of the dust of the crumbling shall emerge LIGHT, and that LIGHT will be Eternal, and the people of the earth will say, “ I, WHERE DID I COME FROM?”

And the light of the MOON shall vanish, and a SHIP will emerge in the distance, the ship will call the people to the sacred TEMPLE of , and in the SACRED GRAND TEMPLE it will descend, and the Pharoahs of Old shall rise, and the Sumerians of Old Shall Rise, and the Lemurians of Old shall rise, and The Draconians of Old Shall Rise, and the People of Babalonia Shall rise, and the people of shall rise, and the people of the East shall rise, and the people of the West shall rise, and until a they shall Rise, and give all GLORY.

But this GLORY shall pass, and this darkness will come to a close, and a new beaken will emerge, and the people will flock to a new TEMPLE, and that temple will be made of STARLIGHT, and that STARLIGHT shall be crystal sphere, and in that CRYSTAL SPHERE will be ALL-KNOWINGNESS, and the people will KNOW WHO THEY ARE. And HAVING HEARD who they are, they will see, and LOVE will crown upon their heads, AND SPLENDOR shall crown upon their heads, and LIGHT shall crown upon their heads, and BEAUTY shall crown upon their heads, and JOY shall crown upon their heads, and THEY WILL WORSHIP NO-ONE, for they ARE ONE.

And the leaders of the earth shall become as equals to the peasants, and the peasants shall become as Kings to the leaders of the earth, and The leaders of the earth will say, “IF WE HAD ONLY KNOWN!” And there will be great sadness, and there will be mourning, for in KNOWLEDGE will come TRUTH. But the MOURNING shall pass, and in this mourning shall come comfort and in this comfort JOY, and the people of earth will erect a new way, and a new LAW: AND THAT WILL BE LOVE.

And unto LOVE they will build a TEMPLE in the hearts, and in that UNIFYING space they shall rise, and unto the HEAVENS they will see the people of the STARS AS GODS NO MORE. And they will see the LIGHT, and they will see the BEAUTY, and in the space of RE-MEMBRANCE, ALL WILL BE UNIFIED.