08/15/2011 at 11:17 pm



Greetings, it is Adama from .

There are so many that are waiting to be raised up into the higher realms.

There is no quick way to do this, because humans must do what they must to, and take their time.  But you are being carefully watched over by all the beings of love who are with you.

You might feel afraid, or lonesome, or be hurting physically, or feeling on behalf of the planetary experience.   There is a word for every one of your suffering-feelings.

I want to ask you to allow me to show you now where those hidden emotions are.  Some people have stored some very painful things inside of themselves that you have forgotten.  I, Adama of Telos, have the ability to show you where they are and remove them.  This is not painful and is quick.  You may feel it as you read these words.

I mention these things because it is time for release.

You can let go of all pains for good.

If you ever forget this, just turn to me, and I will take care of the energies for you.

It is time to leave 3D behind – third dimensional thinking and behaviors.  You are ready to transform, all of you are ready.  Hold my hand, and we will head into pure light together, as you are in form.  No-one will of necessity leave their to enter the dimensions of light – it is a full for you.  Just be present and the love will unfold all about you.

With much love from my heart,