God said:

How do you stay humble and walk on air? Get used to walking on air. As you get used to walking on air, heights and humility will balance out. When you are in , you are humble. All the love and beauty humbles you.

Another way to say humble is to say that you are in . Yes, being in is the same as being humble. You are meant to walk on air. You are meant to fly high. You are meant to soar. You are meant to be blessed and blessed again and to know only blessing. What else, really, is there to know? A blessing is love blown your way, and you drew it to you, and now blessing is yours. Blessing becomes you like rosiness on your cheeks.

As you are blessed, it is inevitable that you bless. It is natural. It is natural that you become a blessing. You were born to as a blessing from God. I installed you on . I installed you exactly as I installed the stars in the night sky. The stars are lights I turned on in Heaven, and you are a light that I turned on on . Never is this light turned off. It is always on. This is the Truth. I know you can’t quite conceive it, yet that is how it is. You are bright light that I cast with My hand. You are Eternal Light made by God.

Believe it or not, you are a blue star on Earth. You have valor. You are valorous. You are a blue star who becomes golden light and shines your light mightily. What did you think you were? Do not answer. You have had enough of old thinking.

Let’s look at it another way.

Every time you are inspired, you also receive responsibility. Along with all the blessings you are given comes responsibility. The more you are given, the more you have to give and the more there is for you to give.

Please do not feel responsibility as a yoke you must carry. Responsibility is a blessing. A blessing is like light that you share. How do you not share light?

We are not speaking of responsibility that you assume. We are speaking of what is natural. Natural is easy. It doesn’t even require thought. When you have a boat that crosses the river, while you are at it, you take others across with you. It takes no special effort. It just takes noticing that there are others who also want to cross the river. And if you do have a boat, you have a hand, and you have a , and your carries others across the river.

When you get up now from wherever you are sitting, you will stand tall. You will walk the Earth from the height of love. You will dance across the Earth. You will be a ballerina of love. You will be an opera star of love who sings to her heart’s content. There will be stars but no divas. You will not need any pumping up. You will already be divine and know your Divinity the way I know your Divinity. You are an imprint of God. I imprinted you with My hand. I gave you My Name and asked you to be true to yourself and, so, true to Me, true to My vision, true to My love, true to My Vastness, true to the world and true to the state of your heart.

What else is there for you to do but to be the Truth that I designated you to be? This is My Will, and it is yours.

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