God said:

How beautiful is Our , criss-crossing constantly, criss-crossing so much that there is solid everywhere. There is no place blank of . Not only does cover, it permeates. There is no escaping Our . You have, however, told yourself stories, and you have believed the stories you told. They were not stories.

The flow of love cannot be stemmed, however. It can only be covered up. The flow of love blocked will release itself in one way or another. It is better that love release itself as love and not something else. Do not compress your love.

It’s better to bare love. Bare it the way you would bare your arms or take off a sweater. Let your love be seen. Park your love right on the street. You will see that your love multiplies.

You cannot love just one person, for it is the nature of love to expand. You can be faithful, but love cannot be isolated the way you think it can. If you can love one, you can love more than one. Refresh yourself on love, and know it is yours to sing from the rafters.

You are bearers and barers of love. You are love, and, just as soon as you cease holding love back, you carry and reveal the love within you. Have you thought that love is to be partitioned somewhere or kept out of sight or love is to be punished from some imagined infraction your mind assigned to your love? Your ego-mind felt strongly that love is not to go everywhere, that it is to stay within some arbitrary borders, as if love can really be trained to go only so far and not further. No longer belie the love that is yours to give.

Of course, love is a free spirit. Love does not know rules and regulations. Love is an that can paint under all circumstances. Love is not dependent upon restrictions. Love is free. Love does not see from small eye glasses. Not at all. Love keeps playing another card and another card and all for . There is no other to love except for joy. Let your love be, and you will love vastly. There will be no end to your love, just as there is no end to Mine.

You can find reasons to love or reasons not to love, yet your love is not a function of reason. Love loves because it loves. It is better to love than not to love. Love makes its own sense. Love hits runs, and love finds itself at everywhere. Love for no reason. Love because you were made to love.

There will be no way to keep love out of bounds in the future. It will keep getting easier to star love in your life. Think of how lovely it will be when love comes first. Love will come first with everyone. What will loving people possibly be able to put in front of love? Anger? Money? Pride? Ego will have to stay out in a shed somewhere. There is no room for ego when love has its say. Ego will be outdated and old-fashioned. Ego will be gone. You will be free of it. What a giant step that will be. Ego will no longer rule you. It will no longer try to rule you. Ego won’t even be able to begin. Ego will start stuttering. Faced with love, ego can’t get anywhere but out.

Goodbye, ego. Love has come to stay. You can’t stay here. Your day is over. Bye-bye, ego.

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