God said:

In Heaven, nothing is urgent. Just to think of living in a world where nothing is urgent! In timelessness, there is no urgency. There are no deadlines. There is Everythingness which is the same as Oneness.

In timelessness, what would there be that you would have to hurry about? By the same token, what is there that you would take all the time in the world for? You would neither hurry nor would you slow down. There would be forever or Eternity, yet you would not take forever. Timelessness would be the same as foreverness.

In a world of timelessness, what could you do if not be? You, who are the essence of Being, would recline in your Being and rise aloft.

Rise aloft now. Rise aloft now in your consciousness. There is no height in the land of spacelessness that is too high for you. You can reach to the Sun. Actually, there is no height for you to reach for, for you are already at the height of what I call perfection. You are, indeed, the perfect you.

From whatever angle you look at, you are you. You are not someone else. You may put on someone else's clothes. You may wear a mask, yet, inevitably, you are you behind the mask and any dishevelments you play around in.

Hail to this , yet remember the Real World that sits silent behind it. We could say that Silence hunkers around current events. There is no getting away from Silence, yet you get away from it all the time. You may even run away from it, as if Silence were chasing you and it was going to catch you. What is it about deep Silence that you are hesitant about or plain fearful?

Silence doesn't chase you. Silence is who you are. Stand up for yourself. Take a break from noise. Noise hides Silence, but noise doesn't remove Silence. What is it that you are afraid of? What is it that you think you will hear in Silence that will be too much for you?

You will hear the mist of love. You will be taken over by love, for Silence is a state of love. It is a state of non-judgment. It is a state of acceptance.

In the world, you move forward. In Silence, you sit still. You are in full lotus position, as it were. You are immoveable, and you move, and the world moves with you. As I, God, sit in Silence, I move the world. The world is silent as I move it, and yet the gears of the world make noise. Noise is heard in any case. And yet noise does not block out Silence.

The music of the spheres is the Silence of the spheres.

Silence is all.

In Silence, love rises. In noise, love is sectioned out. In noise, love becomes like playing patty cakes. Love is reduced. Love is partitioned, and love is used as though it were a tool. Better to just love. Better to sit like Buddha and just let love beam out from you in ever-growing circles of waves. Love is like your aura. It is there whether you see it or not.

You may think you do not know love, yet you have known love. You would not be alive had you not known love. Even the cruelest of all have known love, and you are not the cruelest of all.

We are going to erase cruelty from the world. We are going to increase the evidence of love. We are going to sing the Silence of Love from the rooftops. Hear love in the wind. Love has come to you. To you who are love, love has come in the whispers of the leaves.

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