God said:

Hello. Howdy. How are you today? How are you looking at the world today? What are you making of it? You are influencing the world. You are making something of it.

You are making today what it is. I know that sometimes you can only think a day is thrown at you the way a clown receives a pie in his face. You are sure you are innocent of this day and have nothing to do with it. And, yet, somewhere down the line, you contributed to it, or you asked for it or voted for it.

On the other hand, it could have been someone else’s order, and yet you received it.

It is not a question of deserve. You deserve only the very best. Accept a down day the same way as you accept a lucky day. It came to you. It is yours. And now what you do with it. how you treat your day.

If it is a heavy day, you do not have to compound it. The solution is to carry on with as light a step as you possibly can. Even as with a most joyous day, you do not want to be carried away with it. A day is a day. It is only a day. You have had thousands of them, and where are they now?

Where are you, beloved?

Wherever you are, you sit at My doorstep. Enter. Come in. Sit beside Me. All is well.

And life is life, and life is what you make of it. This day will never come again. This is your one chance to get this day right. And what does right mean? It means to tread lightly, and to go on from here. One day leads to another, and each day is like someone passing in a crowd.

Even if today cannot be a day meant for you, it came to you, and so it is your guest, and it is for you to be hospitable. If this is not an auspicious day for you, it is still your day, and it is for you to treat it right. A day has gone to the trouble to come to you. A day did not come to assail you. It is not always up to the day what it will bring. The day is simply like the postman who brings you the . He has so many people all over the world to deliver to. Have some consideration for the mailman.

Ask him to sit down a while and take off his shoes and rest. Treat this day as you would wish to be treated. It may not be your best day, and, yet, still, you can be at your best. You do not yet know what your best is. Regardless of the day, be higher today than you were yesterday. You are not yet a rose in full bloom. You are, indeed, a rose.

You may not have had an immediate say in the day that came to you, and yet you are a rose, and you can do as roses do.

You can be an emblem of Me. Why not? Why not speak for Me and do for Me and serve the world on My behalf? Why not be My ? Why be at the mercy of the winds of the day when you can be an exponent of God and brighten your life and the lives of others? Why can’t you? Why don’t you? Will you?

Let Me see you reflect the light of the Sun today. Be My stand-in today.

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