God said:

Whatever is on your mind today, get it off. Think of Me instead. And if you already were thinking of Me, think of Me more. Attention on Me is attention off you and it is attention off what you see as difficulties or challenges or whatever you want to call them.

I say to call a truce with yourself. Abandon the past, and abandon the future. This very expands you. Thinking about the past and the future tend to limit you. They cut you off from the happiness that is yours right now.

You are alive in this moment. Past and future are cogitating events. An event is a happening in space and time. In this very moment, you are living life as it is meant to be lived. This very moment is Eternity. It is outside time. Eternity is not a long view. It is a view this very second. In this very moment, you escape time and thus embrace Eternity.

Look into My eyes right now. I am here right now. I am here, and you are here with Me. We engage. In this very moment, you are out of separateness, and you are not even thinking of . You are living it. In this very moment, you are one with Me. Therefore, We are One. Is there something better We can be?

You are a high flyer. You fly with My . We are a song We sing. We are love in this instance. There is not room for anything else. There is not time for anything else. We are love, and Our love embraces the Universe of Love. Our hearts meet behind the scenes. Our hearts are enjoined. They are always enjoined. We note this in this very moment. We can’t really note it ahead of time or in back of time. Our Unity is now. It be escaped except in looking ahead or looking back. We are in it together. We are in love together. We swim in love together. We dunk Ourselves in the water of love. We drown in love together. Drowning in love, We rise to . The fact is that We are never out of . We are never away from it. We belong in , and is where We are. Stick with Me, and you will know where We are.

Expanded vision is right now. Expanded vision is a kind of emptiness. It is not thinking about eating the fruit of life. It is eating the fruit of life, and it is juicy and fills Our One heart with the fullness of love.

This is what you want. All the things in the world that you seek are symbols of this One Love that is already Our Oneness seemingly split in time and space, seemingly fractured, seemingly disjointed, seemingly mislaid, seemingly out of sync, seemingly bounded, seemingly afar, seemingly out of sight, seemingly out of itself when it is the whole thing and all that there is.

What is momentary does not exist. You may be running an old . A is only a . It is make-believe. It has truth, but it is a limited truth. The factual is not true. It is a representation.

You cannot be away from love. You are love. In this instant, you are love. You and I, We are at the beck and call of love. There is nothing else to answer but the love in Our heart and the love we give to the world. All seek love when there is love, and nothing but love in Our hearts. There is nothing but love in a world that seemingly forgets, and yet cannot forget for long, for love is ringing its bells now, and love is overtaking the illusion of anything else.

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