God said:

Have a good time today. Decide ahead of time that you will. Enough of this trying to figure everything out. Enough of trying to put everything in place. Life in the world does not stay in place. You may think it ought to, yet it doesn't. There is not a second on Earth that is not moving right along.

Have a good time today. Enjoy every microcosm of life today. It is your life to enjoy.

I don't mean that you have to have a rip-roaring time. I mean for you to take pleasure in the day. Enjoy, enjoy. Enjoy the weather even when it rains. Would you deny the earth rain? Would you really insist only on sunshine? Would you really prefer that there were no hot or cold? Would you really prefer a world without snow or a world without deserts? Would you not include forests and plains in the world?

You might say you would prefer a world without insects or wild animals or anything that might disturb your sleep.

Would you really want a world of only superlative books? A world of only wisdom? Would you really want a world of sure-fire events, a world predicated on your common sense? Responsibly, would you?

Would you demand your idea of perfection from the outer world? Would you insist on perfection from yourself? Why, dear ones, you would hardly be able to make a move. Better to embrace even folly or your tripping on the carpet. You may wish aspects of yourself to disappear, yet would you really?

Be glad for what you are glad. Be glad you are young or you are old. Be glad with whatever life puts before you. There is something good here. Even in a jungle there is a lot that is good. I will go so far as to say that it is all good. It is good for a jungle to be a jungle.

It is good for you to be a human being on Earth with all your foibles. Foibles have a place in life. Would you really keep them out? Would you eliminate them? Would you make everyone exactly the same in every area?

Where it matters, seen or unseen, everyone is the same. Love your idiosyncrasies. Love them ardently.

Don't try to be like everyone else, and don't try to make everyone else like you. Hands off.

There are many flavors of and many styles of cooking. Rather than limit yourself, expand.

However, if you tend to be rigid, encourage yourself to be flexible. Do not get so set in your ways. Do not get so set in your thoughts. Do not get old before your time. Or do not get old at all. If something can be one way, it can be another. Keep your heart and mind open. Allow life in. Allow in every drop. Let in opportunity. Make opportunity your handmaiden.

As much as you think you may know, you do not know as much as you think. Rather be a discoverer than one who knows how everything has to be.

I tell you that life is as it is, and I tell you to enjoy, and I tell you to enjoy even your idiosyncrasies, and yet I tell you to expand. If life is ever-expanding, then you too must expand. Enjoy everything about you and keep growing. You are not meant to grow old. You are not meant to be set in your ways. Find a way to grow and so be ever young.

It is good to be who you are, and it is good to be growing. You can have both.

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