God said:

The of worry is worry. You have worry, and you attach a to it. You fill up on worry the same way as when you fill up your . You have set yourself a quota of worry, and you will find a way to fill it.

You have thought that worry attacks you, but now you know that you take it along with you. When you are on the worry track, you are on it. You have taken worry with you with some extra for good measure.

On occasion, you get diverted from worry. Usually it doesn't last long. Admit this. Confess. You have made worry a lifelong companion. You can drop worry off along the road when you decide you are not obligated to worry but rather are obligated to a sunny truth.

The opposite of worry is not foolishness. As a matter of fact, it is foolish to worry.

Worry says, "Impending doom. Watch out. Impending doom."

You have known people who carry on like that. Worry emulates them, or they emulate worry. It is for you to seek a higher ground.

Worry is a pitfall.

If you have fallen into it, pull yourself out.

Worry is a nag, a self-imposed nag. You have given worry some rights that do not belong to it, not rightfully.

Your vision can undermine worry. Consider worry a hobby you are getting tired of. Of course, worry is a hole you have dug for yourself. Climb out.

You are not dependent upon worry. Where does your help come from? Not from worry.

With or without worry, what comes will come. Worry is not a preventive. Worry does not serve you. Worry is like getting hit before you are hit.

You will say that you have plenty to worry about. Anything could happen. That is true that anything could happen. Wait until it happens before you yell. Worry does not circumvent the . Worry does not protect you. It consumes you.

Worry is rampant, and it is self-fulfilling. You can even worry about worry.

If worry is a sore tooth, pull it out. If worry is a marauder, turn away from it. If worry scares your horse, calm the horse down. Walk away from worry. The world is filled with many things much better than worry. Worry is not the maker of you. Worry has hung on too long. It is time you are done with it. You will be much more carefree without worry. Worry has clung to you. That is what worry does. Worry is a hanger-on, and you are to be free of worry. Be worry-free today. Abandon worry. Incubate . Grow it under the sun. Kick worry away so that you have plenty of room for .

You have been unaware of how often worry, the interloper, chases you down, rides on your back, enters your pores, worms its way into your . Laugh at worry now. It has no right to you. It has no rights. Worry is a ne'er do well that would hang onto your coat and go for a ride at your expense.

Did you really think that worry was a protector? Worry has nothing to give you but worry. There is not a fair trade here — your peace in exchange for worry.

Let worry be gone. Let it stomp off into the woods somewhere. Let it disappear from where it has intruded in your heart. Be worry-free. You do not need that town crier called worry. You need to dispense with it, get it off your back.

How much more congenial life is without the habit of worry. Really, worry is too worrisome.

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