God said:

We grew up together, you and I. We can say that We were never born yet always were. Being born has to do with human life. I speak of the life of love that We partake of and have before . There never was a time before .

Do you really think that you are only a passerby on ? Do you really think that this is it and there is no more?

You are no fly-by-night. You are the real thing. You are All That Is. All That Is quite deeper than all that there is. You are far more than all that there is on Earth. You are far more than anything.

There are no words to describe you. We can describe your toes, but what is the connection? We can describe every aspect of your body, and yet We do not begin to describe you. Like Me, you cannot be described. If We had a scroll and wrote a description of you on it, even if the scroll was so long that it wrapped itself around the Earth and all the planets and galaxies and all that is presently given credence to on Earth, it would not have begun to describe the Reality of you. You are beyond description. That is what I am saying. There are no words, no diagrams, no formulas that can embrace a description of you. You are descriptionless. How can a pen or a computer possible entertain a description of you?

You are limitless, and there is a limit as to what a description can do. There is no vocabulary replete enough to encompass you. Not even you can do it.

The Unbound is unbound. You cannot be bound. You cannot fit into a slot or any place, for you are greater than that. There are no measurements for you, for you are beyond time and space. Measurements are not for accuracy. They are guesses. Measurements are as good as those taken by the blind men who made their discoveries by touching an elephant, and you know even less.

You can only go so far as the Ugly Duckling who didn't know he was a swan, a beautiful swan, I might add.

You cannot be painted. The greatest of artists cannot paint a picture of you. Even Kirlian photographs do not reveal you. You have to take My word for this. You have to listen to your , and yet even your can hardly encompass you. Even so, your is as close as you can get to on Earth. Your mind cannot comprehend.

Furthermore, there is no reason to describe the Indescribable. Your mind wants a definition, and yet definitions are limiting by their very nature. Too much gets left out. Nothing can contain you.

Even so, as you cannot know and cannot describe, at the same time, you who are Everything, do know the Unfathomable, not in words, but in clear Truth for which there are no words. You have more than an inkling. You have full and total knowledge. You, this Essence of you that I speak of, do know All That Is. There are those rare moments when you do know. You just are not able to hold on to the secrets you are aware of and forget or forgot.

Who are you? When are you? Why are you? Who am I? When am I? Why are you? What am I?

If you asked Me these questions, I would answer you. You would come out of the woodwork in order to know the answers. You are Myself is the answer, and I do not say it cavalierly. You are Myself. That is who you are. You have been searching for Me when all the while, I AM you.