God said:

Where are you travelling? You are always going somewhere. What is your destination? Whether you go to or a small town, the destination is the same. You are coming to . You are on your way.

All travel is a for reaching Me.

in the relative life is a metaphor. in the world can be taken in a bigger sense.

Putting carpet on the floor is a metaphor for covering the with blessings. Putting curtains on your windows is so that you have something to peek through and a bigger world to see. Mowing the grass is confirming the solidity of the ground under your feet.

You are readying yourself for the big moment when you clean your glasses and see what you hadn't seen before. Now, when you see, it is so simple, so clear, so easy. You had everything, only you didn't see. If you saw, you would see a world so lighted and so rich that you would lift up and fly as you always, somehow, buried deep, knew you could.

You would sail across the sky, and your thoughts would be wings. You would take the world with you and deliver it to Heaven. You would be a dove, and you would be love. You wouldn't miss anything now. You would love everything now. You would love yourself, and how you would laugh. You won't be able to believe that once you didn't see what you see now vastly before you. You would laugh at the joke you played on yourself, and you would fly higher and higher, and your would be full, and your laughter would abound everywhere.

You would soak your feet in the ocean, and still you would be light as air in Heaven. There would be no contradiction anywhere. There would be no Why's and Wherefore's. There would be love blazing, and there would be nothing else to want and nothing else to know. Your heart would be full, and you would take off again and again, only to alight and bless like a butterfly and then beat the wings of your heart all the way the Heaven. It would not even be a minute away.

This is the instant gratification you have long sought. It will come all at once. You would know that all at once leaves no room for before or later.

This is no time, and this is no space. You are out of them. No longer do they bracket you.

You can have this while you live as a human being on Earth. There is no contradiction with this. It is one and same. You have been living in Heaven all along, only you weren't looking. You were looking at objections. Honestly, you forgot to look.

It used to be that you and I thought different ways, and now We think alike, We see alike, We are vast alike. When you surrendered your heart, you surrendered your army ways. You weren't giving up anything, of course. You were gaining all you ever desired. You moved up to first-class. It was always there to move up into.

And now you alight awhile. Now you take off tight shoes, and you go barefoot. Of course, you go barefoot in Heaven. You didn't think you went shopping and bought shoes, did you? Inside your shoes are your feet. Underneath your feet is Heaven. That is as true of tar roads as it is of Heaven.

You shine from sea to sea. You are the green pastures. You have been in Heaven all along, and now you know, and now you stay.

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