God said:

And you are in good standing with Me. It is yourself you are not in good standing with. You are the hard judging mentor that makes yourself go through hoops. It is you who wracks yourself with anxiety and all its cousins. It is you who runs yourself through the gauntlet. It is you who makes trouble for yourself. You are the one who is troublesome.

If you want to be guilty of something, then you are guilty of making life hard for yourself. It is fighting with yourself – or fighting with life – that you are guilty of. Have you not been ready to fight with your fists up?

This is called resistance. What is there that you have not been willing to resist? Resisting is fighting, beloveds. It is fighting back. Resisting is being on . Resisting is readiness to protest. Why, oh, why, would you want to spend your life in protest? Acquiesce. Concede. Accept that which has befallen has befallen. Surrender to that which is. If you are confined to bed, don't caterwaul. With surrender is victory. You do not have to surmount everything. Engage instead.

You are a with . You don't like some cards that life deals, and yet these are the cards dealt. If you are confined to a wheelchair, you can fight it, or you can make peace with it. If you are in a wheelchair, you don't have to be blind to the life and opportunities before you. All is not lost. Do not add fury to the package. Do not kick and scream. And, if you must, then be quick and done with the resistance. Don't become your own stumbling block. You are free to make choices.

If you find yourself blind, and life is very difficult for you, then make life easier for someone else, not harder. Don't be mad at someone because you need help crossing the street and they want to help you. Even blindness is an opportunity for you to help others see. There is more to life than your predicaments.

Have courage. It is not courage that protests. Get off that track because life is for you to soar with it.

Even if your body is confined to one room or one town, there is a universe out there, and it is available to you. You can reach the farthest star. You can cross the ocean. You can ride the rainbow. The fact is, you must. You are not to confine yourself because of anything.

Say: "Okay, life, whatever you hand me, I will run with it. I do not declare myself a victim of circumstance. I am a of circumstance. If I can't use my right hand, then I will use my left. Who said I am helpless? I shall be helpful to myself and to others. I will not punish myself and so punish others. I will not punish life. I am a free-wheeling person, and so I will make my life what I will. I do not give up. I do not give in, and yet I do not fight life. I can see now how my fighting has often been a signal of defeat. I will not defeat myself. I am not a warrior nor am I defeated. I am a victor. There is no wrestling match, and yet I am the winner. In front of crowds, or by myself, I am the of my life. I will run with it. I will carry the torch of life, and I hold it high."

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