God said:

What is that it follows you? is looking for something. When you feel lonely, it must be that you are looking for yourself. You are mulling around in a courtyard hunting your . Your is truly unable to comprehend .

The of loneliness exists only in the world. Loneliness does not really exist. You may be an expert in loneliness, and yet it doesn't exist, and yet you inquire about it. Loneliness doesn't exist in . It exists in an area of your mind. It is a thought. It is a longing for knowledge of your own soul. Your soul exists. Your awareness of soul may not or not enough.

And so you look for others to assuage your loneliness. Of course, you have to be doing something while you are on .

How does this concept of loneliness serve you? It must be telling you to get closer to yourself. Others do not remove the nagging sense of loneliness that trails after you, at least not for long. Others get your mind off loneliness only for a while.

It's possible that loneliness tells you something you need to know. Maybe loneliness is saying that you are a stranger to yourself. Maybe it is telling you that you enter the masquerade of loneliness only for a while so that you will leap out of it into .

You do not want to be lonely, and yet you stand apart. That very sense of apartness is nudging you to the soul's territory called Heaven. There is no place, you understand. Heaven is a state of being. It is within you, and it is within you that you find it. You find it and yet do not locate it. It is not locatable in the way you can locate an address in your town. And yet you can discover Heaven which has always been within you. It is a vast part of you. It is more than a part. It is the mainspring of you.

Where are you going, and where have you been? Nowhere. Everywhere. You have been to Infinity and back, and you never left Infinity, not for one moment.

Loneliness is false, and yet you are on the trail of something true that is already in your possession. What loneliness seeks cannot be possessed, and yet it is yours.

Oneness, Oneness, Oneness.

You are at a juncture point. The juncture is within you. The two seams of yourself are being joined. You are finished with Twoness. Duality does not hold the interest for you that it once did, and yet you will be living life more fully. You are not separate from Oneness. You are separating from duality. It is, so to speak, that you have taken possession of Our Oneness. You have abandoned Twoness or a Hundredness, and you have collaborated with Oneness. You have recognized it as your own, as belonging to you although it is never owned. It is pretty opposite to owning. You have entered a palace, and you are beginning to notice this palace that you find yourself in. You are just beginning to notice the golden walls, except there are no walls. There is only the Vastness of Oneness.

It is like a sea you sail on. It is like a sky you look up at, and discover that you are up in the sky. You ride the galaxies. Everything has become you, or you have become everything, and yet there is no thing. You ride the sun. You enchant the , or the enchants you. There is no difference between you and the and all the other beauties of .

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