God said:

Tell Me, beloveds, how are you today? Are you thinking of Me? Have you noticed Me yet today? Have you been looking for Me? Are you waiting for Me?

I am here. When you are asleep, I am with you. As you are awake, I am with you. Between every thought of yours, I am with you. I am with you now. My beats in yours, and yours in Mine. We are together. Never have We ever been apart.

You think you know . Your mind seems to be on top of apartness. Your mind has done a pretty good job of speculating and heaping it upon you. It doesn't matter that separateness is an impossibility. The wayward mind has taken apartness as a , made it your song. Sometimes you have to stand apart from your vigilant mind and wave the flag of so that you see it or at least lean into it. Bend to it. Rise to it. Let the reality of seep into your heart. Know Who is with you. Know Our . Accept it.

When the thoughts in your head give you trouble, pull you down, trample your heart, make you lose confidence in yourself and Me, then you must allow yourself the pleasure of an exchange with Me. Must you cleverly dispute your love for Me as well as My love for you? What's in it for you? What do you gain by feeling that you stand on top of a mountain all by yourself with no one to even call out to?

Why would you shake Me off your awareness? Why would you accept loneliness over My Presence?

Well, what if I am with you every moment, at every turn, at every happening and non-happening. What if I am with you always and We are never apart. Why wouldn't you put that in your pipe and smoke it instead of the versions of aching heart that you put yourself through?

Isn't it about time that you started to declare yourself to Me and add Me to your repertoire? I am by your side. Why not know it? Why not stand taller and claim Me and a close-up God who claimed you long ago, so long ago that you have forgotten, or have chosen to forget, have chosen to close your eyes, have chosen to be stand-offish, have chosen to stand by the side of the road, have chosen to turn aside or away, have chosen to hitch-hike across the world and not see the I pull up in but you rather accept a ride in a lonely , a hot rod perhaps that takes you around the block and no further.

I open the door for you — as if there were a door that closes. I have an open-door policy. I close no one out. I certainly don't close you out. I welcome you. You have never been unwelcome. It is not possible, for My love for you is certain. It is your love for Me that is uncertain.

Perhaps you hold a grudge of one kind or another. Or perhaps you never really consider the topic of Me. Perhaps, perhaps.

Stick your thumb out, and I will slow down, and you can hop in My humble car. Perhaps you hesitate about a limo. I am pulling up to the curb you stand on right now. Hop in. You will never want to leave. I will occupy your heart, and I will fill your mind, and you will see that your thoughts become a preponderance of thoughts of Me. You will have a heart full of God and a head full as well.

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