God said:

You are the crossbows of the . You are the bungee cords that bind the and hold it together. What did you think the was made of if not your consciousness? You who walk the also spread it before you. You design the world as you go along. The world is not so much your forethought or afterthought. It is your thought right now. The exists as you see it, as your feet cover it, as you imagine the to be. You are always imagining. Your thoughts make footmarks now. You print the world out before you. You make flyers of it, banners, advertisements, cartoons. You make the world anything at all depending upon – dear Heavens – depending upon your mood.

You carry the world in your arms. The world is for you to nourish it. Feed it. Comfort it. It is your world, after all. it well. it exceptionally well.

All you really have is love. That is your inheritance. It makes sense to love what is here for you to love. All is for you to love. Unless you love the Earth and all its participants, you are denying your love. That is not fair of you. Who is going to love the world unless you do? And how are you going to love the world unless you see it in a favorable light? Look through eyes of love.

You can see anything you choose to see. That is what you have been doing right along. Instead of being self-righteous, pointing out the flaws, now strew love across the four corners of the world. Leave nothing out. You are as capable as all the Great Ones who have lived on Earth. Make the world wonderful, won't you?

It is like you were given a little plot on Earth. It is yours to as you like. What are you going to ? Bad ? Imperviousness to love? Come on, give the world a break. You have good soil. something you would like to harvest. Never again weeds of discontent. It is not news to you that anyone can nurture weeds. Have you thought that if you can weeds, you can roses? You can sow a crop of happiness. You can sow a crop of anything you want. You can start right now. The crop you is not dependent upon the weather or the season. Formulate the weather, beloveds. Design the world you were given to love. If the world is not presently what you desire, then redesign the world. Make it the world you want it to be. Start now. Let your design the world. Fill the world with your . Bless the world with your presence.

Anyone can find fault. Anyone can find anything. Find diamonds. Plant trees. Be worthy of Earth. You are not meant to be a hanger-on. You are not meant to kick the Earth. You are meant to love it.

The Earth is your home for now. Take good care of it. Bless it with every step you take and every step you don't take. Bless the Earth every which way. Bless this part. Bless that part. It is all yours. There is not a spot on Earth that you are not responsible for. You are responsible for all of it, and this is your privilege. Your rule reaches far. Grant the Earth you live on your blessings. Love the Earth you live on. Partner with it. Love it well. No exceptions. Simply love, for the Earth is all yours and all are yours. There is no one who is not yours. Love your neighbor. Love your stranger. Love those who are just like you, and love those who are not like you. Let love from your heart bloom.

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