God said:

It is not always clear to you what listening to your is. There is a distinction between doing what you want and listening to your . We have talked about this before. You would follow your every time if only you were sure it was your you were following. As it is, there is often a tug. You want to do something. You feel good about it. And then the world comes in and says it isn't a good thing to do, not the right car to buy, not the right road to go down, not the right . Your confidence got shaken. To listen or not to listen to those who advise, that is the question.

But how do you know?

You already know that because you want something doesn't mean it's a right choice. You have experienced this with serious romances, for example.

Sometimes you don't have a choice in the . Sometimes it is not up to you. The is wrested out of your hands.

Sometimes you want someone or something, and you get it, and then you are sorry.

Let Me say this about decisions that are yours to make, make them and don't look back. No matter how important-seeming a choice may be to you, it is not – I repeat – it is not the end of the world. It is not the end of your world.

Let Us not speak of mistakes. Even a is not necessarily a .

Do not second-guess yourself every moment, as if, out of a hundred candies, there is only one you are to taste. Taste one. Is it a mistake to have tasted the one you chose? Even if you spit it out, what is the mistake? You chose something, and now you choose something else.

In life, beloveds, choose equanimity. So-called right choice, wrong choice, just keep going along.

Based on the standards you set, life in the world is not perfect. The choices you make are not always perfect. No matter how skilled you are, no matter how experienced you are, no matter how dedicated you are, decisions are not always immaculate.

Can you imagine any of the Great Ones saying: "If I had walked down this street instead of that one, the whole outcome would have been different?" The Great Spiritual Ones knew better than to remonstrate with themselves.

Your life is made of choices, and choices have to be made. Be glad you make a choice. There are interminable choices you could make. Consider you do make the right choice.

We come back again and again to the point that results are not always the indicator to go by. You cannot have the result first and the decision after. There is no way for you to know that what seems like an incorrect decision may be better than the choice you did not make. You cannot know. No one knows.

You are not to wring the life out of decisions that are yours to make.

You attribute cause and effect. Everything can point to consequence and yet B does not always follow A. In the world, when B comes after A, it doesn't have to mean it was a consequence. What if everything is happening at the same time? What if there is no before and after?

What if you would let go of the past and all the mental churning of the past, what then, beloveds, what then?

Better to come to the place that the past and all the choices you make are not of huge consequence. There is you, and you are now, and you are to go , not backward. You are not to go backward even in thought. It is always the right choice to go . That means you may have to shrug your shoulders and keep moving.

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