God said:

I salute your bravery. You took an assignment on . To you, the assignment is long-range. It is long-range to you because of the of time. Time is only a . It also happens to be the framework from which you experience . The world made watches and called them time. You have been under the shadow of time, and you call time Father Time.

Because of your belief in time, you offer resistance to life in the world.

To spend time in a world and resist as you do takes courage. Life without the element of time would not take courage, and, yet, I salute your courage. Time is scary.

And now, with that being said, I encourage you to let go of resistance to time and all it carries with it. You do hold on tight. Your hands have become fists and your muscles tight. You do try to stem the tide of time.

You have been told before to relax. To relax means to let go of resistance. To relax is getting out of the concept of time. Although time does not exist, when you relax, you relax with a sense of having all the time in the world. Having all the time in the world is closer to the truth of Infinity. So, now, will you relax in the hammock of love that I hold you in? You can know there is no getting on or off of the love I hold you in.

Everything that matters, really matters, is timeless. Timeless has no limits. Time is full of limits. Tick tock.

Love is timeless. Love has no beginning and no end. You may experience love differently. You may sometimes say that love is over. That is a narrow point of view. Love is your permanent . You get around that truth in many ways, and yet you cannot get away from it. Love is not fly-by-night. Love has made a nest in your . There is no removing it.

You have made yourself dependent upon love coming from outside, from displays of love, from evidence of love, as if you were dependent upon love coming from elsewhere, from here, from there, from this one or that. You have timed love. Love is not a matter of time. Love is not a matter. Love is a state, and it is, despite accumulated evidence to the contrary, the state you live in.

You live in an infinite state of love. Meanwhile, you think you live in or Timbuktu. You live in My heart of love. It cannot be otherwise. You have told yourself other stories. I am giving you the true goods now. You are My beloved, and you live in a state of love. You are never stateless. Although space does not exist either, love does, and love is our permanent state.

I am bouncing love in your heart right now. I am jiggling it. I am stirring it clockwise even though there is no space or time. There is love. Love contains itself. Love plays.

Your name is Love, and yet you play a game of hide-go-seek with love. Love says, "Where are you, Love?" And Love seemingly hides. And then Love pops out and plays the game again. Love closes its eyes, and thinks it is hidden.

Although time does not exist, it is time now for you to reconcile yourself with the love that you are. You are more than a preponderance of love. You are love. You are love itself. Accept yourself. You are love, and there is no running out of it. Do not run away from love. Come, grasp it. Regardless of what you think, love is the only constant. No more peek-a-boo.

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