God said:

Be truthful. You want Me, seek Me, even when you don't acknowledge Me. You know something that is good even when you cannot see it. There is a knowing of something more, and you know it.

I am you, and it is yourself you seek. You know there is something more in you than you presently acknowledge, and you look for it.

The truth about yourself is like something you have put down, and you don't remember where, and then you look here and there, and you find it. You do find it. And always right where you left it.

Sometimes you put down your keys, and you can't find them. You are sure that someone must have taken them, moved them. All the while, it is you who put them down and simply don't remember where.

You laid aside your , variously called God, the One, the Holy, the Creator, the Upholder of the Universe. Whereas, when you laid down your keys and then can't find them, you are at least certain that you did have keys, whereas sometimes you are not certain about your and the Giver of it. You are not certain that I exist.

There are certainly moments when you concede that I must exist. Certainly, you know you didn't create yourself, except, if We are One, then you did create yourself, the world, and . Certainly, you created your of it. You are like those Russian dolls, one inside the other, and who will you be today? Where will you fit yourself, and where will you find Me, and when will you know that I am your , and that We are One Love altogether?

That you and I are One is no . All the other stuff is the . And yet you may tend to see Me as made-up, a made of desiring. Surely, you do Me. You Me as I you. We to hold hands and climb the hills together.

Of course, I carry you up the hills which is to say that I carry Myself in the form of you. Form is form. Truth is Truth. And the truth is that We are One undeniable Whole, yet a Whole that you have denied over and over again. I am not concrete. You think you are concrete. There is a concrete form of you, and that is as close to concrete as I get. You tend to be overly close to the concrete aspects. The fact is that you can grasp Me, yet not in your hand. I am like the that you cannot quite grasp in your hand, and yet how much you want to clasp the .

You want to grasp everything that is beautiful. Grasp the idea that you are beautiful. That is not farfetched. All you have to do is to get out of the boundaries imposed on you by everyday life. Let everyday life be recognition of Me in you. Dare to know Me. Dare to know Me right in your heart. Dare to know Me as you. If truth be known, the Father and the Son are one and the same. You and I are Oneness, and nothing but Oneness. We travel together. You may not see this. Nevertheless, We travel together, and it has never been otherwise.

You are writing down these words you hear. Your heart echoes Mine. You hold My pen in your hand. You write yourself across the firmament. You reveal yourself, and you reveal Me, and We are revealed. Our Oneness reveals Itself for all to see.

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