God said:

I am a Troubadour of Love. It is like you are My trainee. You are learning to play the musical instrument called life. You are a purveyor of life. You are the I sing. I sing a of Myself, and you carry the tune.

There has to be more to life than what is seen and touched, for you have a that is touched. Love is evidenced, and yet not seen. And love, the beauty of , has been known to be unnoticed and, so to speak, trampled on. Yet love is always the winner. Love from the depths rises to the surface and is so often hidden.

A purveyor of life is a purveyor of love. The violin you play is love. You cast love like a about to sail. You are the . You who admire love become the of it and the admired. Nothing says love like love. There is no better ship to sail the seas than the ship of love that sets forth from your heart.

Sail the High Seas. Come to the Highest . It is the only place to sojourn in. Who would want anything else, for anything else is less. Who would want less when you can have more and give more and swim in joy more and make the world happy to be alive in the sunshine of love.

I declare love on all sides. I declare you love and nothing but love. And so shall you be. Turn to yourself and speak your love. You are betrothed to love, and so shall love be, and so shall you love with all your heart and all your soul. There is naught else but love. Love pounds in your heart. My love pounds in your heart. is a call to love. Ask your love to come out of hiding. There is nothing to hide from. There is everything to love.

Who would want to be anything else but the love he was meant to be? Do you want something else? Do you want disturbance and perturbance? Love is meant to be a conveyance and not a contrivance. Love is the only true. It is not construed. It is lived. The lover loves, and love is beheld. There is no difference between the lover and the loved and the whole courtship.

Court the love in your heart and offer it to all those who are hungry for more love. Offer love as on the altar of My heart and send it out into the world. The world is My altar. Place love upon it. Sear the world with love. That is My Will. My Will has never changed.

Behold love and disburse it. Behold the love of the Universe. Contained in love, the Universe loves. Behold the love I have declared. Love has been declared, and you are My emblem of love.

If you have been seeking to know your purpose on Earth, now you have found it. You are a modest of love. Keep up with the love in your heart. Put no false gods before it. Announce to yourself that you are love and nothing but love and follow and effuse the path of love. Stay on it. Love is here. You are the beholder and giver of it.

Sow the seeds of love in every field. Sowing the seeds of love tills the soil. There is no prior step required. The step and the path are love. Precede and follow love and cast it forth like a rain and the sun that together make a rainbow.

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