God said:

To thine own be true means to be true to My . Your is in your safe-keeping, and yet your does not belong to you, for My is stationed in yours. your heart to Me, and your heart is opened, and its volume is great. Hearts are not meant to be tight. They are not meant to be reserved, on hold, stuffed back, repressed, disheartened, unenlightened.

It is your heart that becomes enlightened. Without your heart, what are you? Without your heart, what are you for? Without your heart, what do you think you are doing?

Your heart is a ripe plum of love. It is malleable, your heart.

You heart is a throbbing bird ready to take flight.

Your heart is an Excellency about to open relations with the world and make it whole.

Your heart is a voyager.

Your heart does not exist for yourself alone. Enough thinking about your heart and what it likes or doesn't like. You are not the holder of your heart. Let your heart go. Let your heart express Me for all to see and all to know. Make your heart a blessing. Your heart is blessed. Don't argue with Me about this. Why do you protest? Why would you deny the Vastness of your heart? Why would you deny the in yours?

Open to . Your heart is an ode to . Allow your heart to be what it is. Allow your heart its full range. Your heart is too great to stay in one place. Uncage your heart. Take a leap from thinking about yourself so much.

I have told you that you do not exist. Why put so much on that which does not exist except in illusion? Yes, of course, you are flesh and blood and, in that way, you exist, and yet you have replayed a of yourself over and over again. Sing a of love instead. Get your obscure self out of your way. It does not have the importance you give it.

Anyway, if you want to be happy, stop questioning and start giving. Substitute giving for thinking. You have thought enough, and you have thought too much on one track when there is all of to choose from.

Think for Me now, will you? I ask this of you because of your need to abandon the past and to step into the present. You live for My sake, not yours. Your life as you live it is your gift to Me. Skip onto another track. You have been on the same one for too long.

Come, join Me in Heaven, and together We shall travel the world and deliver Our love so that all may know what love is, what it looks like, what it is for. Love is not for self-gratification. It is for giving, and, so, I ask you to give. Even if you gave yesterday, give today. Give your heart a break. Parole it from its self-imposed restraints. Set your heart free so it may nurture the world and lift Earth to Heaven in everyone's eyes.

It is a little thing really to turn the direction of your heart onto a wider scope. Allow your soul to set your course and no longer be tied up so into the dalliances of the world. What the world says has its place, and yet you have a different story to tell. You are not meant to be the chorus of the world. Sing in the chorus of angels where you belong. Add your voice to Mine.

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