God said:

From love comes love, and you, despite what you might think, are love. You are My begotten love. In you I trust. To you I entrusted My love. All My love is right here in your . Will you give a voice to My love? Will you project it across the Universe and beyond? Will you give Me back My love so that it may circulate again, and again, and, in this way, be remembered? Remember My love, and remember Me, and remember that you hold My love in your so that you may give it. It is always to Me that you give My love. It may go to one person or another, and yet they can't keep it either, and My love, from no matter where it is given, comes back to Me for further giving.

How resilient is My love, passed from heart to heart, passed from generation to generation, passed across centuries and even lands that are no longer seen. How My love is passed from one heart to another! How My love is received! My love is total recall. My love bounces from one to another. This is indeed a tumbling act of love. All the tumblers fall down in sprawling love, and rise up and capture love anew.

Love is captured and recaptured so that it may be set free. Bouncy, bouncy love.

And now it is your turn to love, and to love without thought of return. There is no ordering love around. There is merely the giving of it and the receiving of it. It is natural to love. It does not even have to be thought of. A thought is nothing next to the giving and receiving of love.

Let the drums of love roll! Boom, boom, bouncy love, bouncy, bouncy love, love from one heart to another and back again. How love is stirred in the Universe, and how love is always on call, ready to love and to love more.

This is My Ode to Love. I am needle-pointing it across the sky. I am hiring a blimp to pull a kite announcing love. And you, of course, are the one to give out love outstanding. What a magic free-for all love is. Make love soar. Allow love to reach and then wrap itself around the girth of the again and again and again until there is no place for love to go but where it is, packed, so stacked that it reaches , the highest , the beaches and skies of .

Let Heaven alight on Earth like a space ship, and all hearts and souls pour out for the solidarity of the world. I see heart after heart, rising to Heaven, and then redirecting itself to Earth. Bouncy, bouncy love.

Love keeps the world on course. Love indemnifies itself. Love counts itself lucky to be the mastermind of the world. Love knows what to do and where to go. Even when there is nowhere for love to go, it reaches everywhere.

There is no end to love. It is a spinning top that revolves around the Universe and touches everything in its wake. It is an umbrella that the west wind picks up and carries far. It is a cradle that rocks in a tree. It is a reflection of light and speeds faster than the speed of light. Love administers itself. It bottles itself in order to spill, and an unsuspecting heart picks up the love, is warmed by it, and then ambles off to another heart. With love, all is beautiful. With love, all is love.

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