God said:

From My , you came into Being. From My came . fashioned Me a Creator, and so it is said I created you. Together, as One, We created you, a facsimile of the Creator.

You intended to be. You wanted to see what it would be like if you manifested as a flesh and blood human being. What a diversity the One of Us became. Multiplication came easily. You were not exactly produced, and yet you became.

As I think this Heavenletter and it comes into Being, so had I the thought of you, and, before My very eyes, I was disguised and came into Being as you. You (I) arose from the fire of love in My heart. I say I think this Heavenletter, but I don't really think it as you understand think. I vibrated it. I hummed. I manifested it, and then the hummed went through layers of existence until it was received and funneled to you. Of course, you think it came in a sequence of time, and yet, despite what your senses and mind tell you, it came all at once. It will always reverberate. So many Heavenletters, so many human beings even when they are all One.

From now on when I say you, you will understand that I mean Myself as you.

Neither of Us contrived your intricacies. The outer manifestation of you is not what mattered. We knew its unimportance even as We knew it would become important to you, for the world is the world, and the world itself is external. Values got turned upside down. No matter. They will right themselves.

You became mental, emotional, physical. Energy manifested. You became moveable parts. You became an Odyssey. You became everything, everything imagined. You were the precursor to your existence on , and you became the and everyone and everything on it, and yet you had your shape and your tricks of the trade, life that is, and you became a stranger to yourself, the soul of yourself, the solace of yourself.

I am having a good time this morning with this puzzling Heavenletter that appears before Me as though already written except I have it and give it in one fell swoop.

Where shall I take you now? Where did I leave off? Does it matter?

Let's begin all over again.

If you are in a rut, let's get you out of it. Of course, it is up to the physical, mental, emotional you to do that, for, in reality, although the physical, mental, and emotional play a heavy role in your life on Earth, they do not exist any more than the Earth under your feet exists, and yet you take a step in the game board you play. What board game are you playing? Where do you go but round and round? When do you pass Go, and when do you Exit this played-out existence?

For one moment of Eternity, I had a , and My was you. I am My own come true as far as imagination goes, that is. I imagined you. I am real. The manifestation of you is not real. What you appear to be in the world is not at all Who you are. You are a being so powerful that you can even go against the grain. You who are a Divine Being can even shed blood on Earth, and it doesn't change who you are. You can be smallness on Earth, and great in . You make boundaries which are judgments and do not even grasp the magnitude of the game you are playing that is called Life on Earth.

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