31 July 2011


Welcome dear ones and we come to and support ALL at this time. Many of you are now experiencing many different symptoms and we you to from them. Many are falling into fear with regard to symptoms and we guide you that this is the teaching of . If you listen to your then it will respond to you, if you listen to its message and then take action then you will move through these symptoms. The human is a finely tuned instrument, as the energies heighten dear ones it is akin to you tuning into them, your is receiving the frequencies needed to heighten your vibration, you need to listen to be able to fine tune them and anchor them.

Many instantly plunge into fear when faced with symptoms that involve taking time out from the constant DOing that is present in many across the planet. As you struggle with the guilt that the teachings of the illusion will allow to rise your vibration will begin to waiver. This will result in the fine tuning not being able to happen as the vibration of your is too unstable. We guide strongly to detach from negative feelings that arise and pour love and compassion through any that do. Illusion teaches that you must persevere, not take time for yourself, that you are lazy etc etc. This is designed to keep the vibration of the human low and not allow for the LOVE that IS to be able to flow freely through your body. We guide strongly for humans who are experiencing issues with fine tuning to allow rest and drink plenty of fresh, clear water. This will help to flush the body through allowing the vibration to be absorbed and the to begin to stabilise.

Know dear ones that these symptoms may well come and go, for many across the planet the new energies that have come in have resulted in less symptoms as they have learned to recognise the waivering of the energy signature and immediately responded to their body. This is key to moving through the coming weeks and months dear ones. You do not move further and faster by ignoring your body. ALL ARE ONE. You are bringing in many aspects and frequencies to be absorbed into the body that you are in at this present time. That will take time and patience dear ones, do not rush this part of the process for in the waivering of the human energy signature the illusion sits waiting to plant seeds of fear.

For many of you across the planet the fear has further been ignited by the reaction of the medical profession to your symptoms. When the medical profession across planet earth cannot diagnose they tend not to admit this, again the fear of failure is high and the illusion has many in its grip. Medical professionals all over the planet are struggling to diagnose many at this point in time. So fixed are they on only the physical they fail to realise that it is the energy signature that is out of balance causing the physical symptoms. ALL ARE ONE, all parts of the body are connected, all layers and yet the medical profession across the planet tend to focus only on the physical.

To move through these symptoms dear ones relies on YOU trusting the process, of beginning to trust YOU. Your body is now beginning to harmonise with your thoughts and FEELings and it is important that you begin to absorb this. YOU cannot continue to live YOUr life experience seeing things in isolation to each other because this is not TRUTH. Look into your hearts dear ones. If you have a particular pain in part of your physical body then go into the heart, ask the heart to show you the pain and why it is there and then begin to heal. The human body is self healing, illusion teaches that the medical profession know much better than YOU about YOU. We guide you strongly to detach from this teaching. Anything that is going on within your physical body is a result of the thoughts and FEELings that were created IN that body. Only by healing these thoughts and FEELings will the body heal completely.

We guide you to listen to ALL of YOU. YOU are more than you see in the mirror when you look at your reflection. For many of you the ability to see auras is a skill that should be cherished. As you heighten in vibration the skills that have lain dormant within many of you will start to show themselves. Each human has different skills, for many it will be like we note the ability to see auras, for others it will be the ability to hear auras or to FEEL them. Note which of the senses is heightened for you and begin with this one first. ALL humans have the ability to use the senses that may be dormant at this point in your life journey. It is the trust and faith in the process, in YOU that is the trigger for these to start working again. For too long the illusion has taught that anything that is not seen by the naked eye is not there and for many across the planet this veil has been pulled away. For many others the veil is loosely in place and we guide you to pull it down. FEEL from the heart, trust in YOU dear ones, for the trust and faith in YOU will show YOU the TRUTH.

We are the high council of orion and we come to guide at this time of vast change. We guide you not to attach to any part of this process, for it IS a process dear ones. Where you are at this point in time, reading our words is not where you may be in a few minutes or hours. Many of you are now noticing how strange time is in relation to how it used to work in your life experience. As you open and expand and heighten your vibration this will break down even more. It is vital you do not attach to this as the mind may sweep in and try to rationalise what is happening, that will bring you back into illusion and the vibration you hold may be lowered. FEEL how it works for YOU, use it create the life experience that you DREAM and allow it to BE. When you reach a part in your life experience that makes no sense to your mind but FEELs perfect when processed with your heart then you have elevated your vibration and are BEing.

We guide that more will unfold over the next few days and weeks as more and more humans begin to stabilise their . This is the key to this process dear ones, do not look to the medical profession for they cannot help you become whole, only YOU can absorb and balance YOU. Many will reach out to those around them to try to make sense of what is happening and we guide you to be wary of this. Many family members, colleagues, friends are asleep, they may instantly go into fear when faced with YOU not at YOUr best. When they see symptoms they may put pressure on you to visit a medical professional or try to heap fear back into your BEing in the guise of love and “being worried about you”. Detach from this teaching dear ones for it will cause your vibration to whirl out of balance even more. This is about YOU trusting and having faith in YOU.

At some point prior to incarnation YOU agreed to this life experience, YOU chose to be here at this time of vast change and YOU have the answers that YOU need within YOU. ALL humans do, it is whether the human trusts themselves and the process that is undergone as to how they move through this. NO ONE knows YOU better than YOU despite what illusion will seek to teach YOU. Uncover the heart dear ones, go into the heart and listen to the wisdom that resides there. YOU are all masters of YOU. Do not give your power away to others around you nor let them take the power from you. YOU are masters of your own life experience. TRUST and have FAITH in YOU.

We guide that as the energies begin to heighten then more sleep and more BEing is needed from many across the planet. Some humans have expressed surprise at how easy the process actually IS. There are no rules to follow dear ones, we do not ask you for anything other than to BE. YOU came here as an individual and all that is asked is for YOU to be true to YOU. Many humans spend a lifetime BEing or trying to BE someone else, when the TRUTH is that all they needed to BE was themselves.

Understand WHO YOU are dear ones, get to know every part of YOU. Understand how you work, what your body needs, what your soul needs you to do next. Listen to the map that is within your heart and BE. No struggle, no lusting after outcomes, just BE and watch the universe respond. When you struggle, when your mind races and you zoom from one part of your life back to another it is like the universe cannot get a fix on you. Many who practice the law of attraction find it does not work they way they expected and it is due to the constant moving. If you can BE and are clear and open to the universe about what it is that you expect and DREAM then the universe can clearly SEE you and respond to you. If you can BE once then you can BE at all times. It may take practice but soon it will become as second nature, for all humans are able to BE. It is the layers of illusion and the teachings of that illusion that have taught you that you cannot BE. Let them go, peel back the veils and watch the magic unfold in your life experience.

We are the high council of orion and we are blessed to communicate with each and every one of you. All is perfect dear ones, resist the teachings of illusion, pull back the veils and uncover who YOU truly ARE. ALL ARE ONE.