4 August 2011  

Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds, we come to and support you at this time and we come to further help you through the levels of veils of . We are the high council of orion and we are with you at all times. Many are moving into the centred and many, many more are oscillating between the heart and the mind. We that the veils of illusion may be such that uncovering one part of a veil may immediately pull another down as the illusion tries to move you back into your mind and out of your heart.

As you move through the layers you will move deeper and deeper within your very BEing. It is at this point that many find they are moving more slowly and are in confusion as to why there is so much to move through. Many are under the illusion that moving into the heart is the end to the process and we guide you to from this teaching. The process is simply that a process. Many across the planet have seeds of fear that are buried deep within their BEing, it is these seeds that are being uncovered by many across the planet. Illusion will seek to teach that it was all a dream, that the never took place and that all you have uncovered is more heartache. We guide you most strongly to from this teaching. It is only by moving more fully into your BEing that you can uncover the TRUTH of your BEing.

Much is planted from early childhood, many humans walk the planet oblivious to the roots of their fears and we guide that these roots took hold at a very young age. Many find our words of reassurance regarding and money to be TRUTH but are now finding as they move inwards that they struggle with this TRUTH. That is where we guide you to dig deeply dear ones, for you have uncovered seeds that took root many years ago. Some of you have an unconscious belief that you are not aware of until you attempt to manifest from the heart and fear moves into focus.

Once more we guide dear ones that there is no need for fear, it is the preferred tool of illusion as many humans stop in their tracks when confronted by fear. Many are paralysed by the thoughts that the mind puts forward in relation to the fear. Yet fear is just that a thought. It is not real, it is not TRUTH it is a smoke and mirror scenario. Many have worked through fear and have uncovered the TRUTH to themselves and yet when faced with more fear begin to question themselves. We guide you to detach from all fear. If you can face one little fear then you can move through a large fear. The root is illusion, it is an attempt to contain your very BEing.

Many humans are now moving into their hearts and are creating the life experience that they wish and yet many more are thinking with their minds whilst stating they are in their hearts. Where you see separation you are in mind centred life experience, where you see competition you are mind centred life experience, where you see pain you are also in mind centred life experience. The energies that have swept the planet have wobbled many human vibrations and we guide you to go within when you feel the wobble. When the familiar symptoms begin to manifest within your BEing take time to go within and to look for the answers you seek. These answers are always within and never outwith you. The answer to all of your life experience is within dear ones. The mind will search outwith, the mind will have you search books, people, volumes of knowledge in a bid to distract you. The heart KNOWS dear ones. All you will ever need for this human life journey is contained within your HEART.

Many are now beginning to fix on 2012 and what will take place and we guide you this is the teaching of illusion. To fix on a point in the distance is to take your and disperse it, focussed on an event in the future is not being focused on this moment at this time. It is this moment , at this time that you have to create in, you create at each moment. We guide that many have not absorbed the TRUTH of this and we guide you to go within. Ascension dear ones is a process, many of you are in this process and moving through it swiftly, others are beginning to awaken and find their feet. Live from your hearts dear ones for ONLY your heart knows TRUTH. We see many lightworkers who are living from the mind, who are focussed on events outside of themselves and who follow. This path is the one that was chosen by YOU before YOUr incarnation on this planet. It is only YOU who walks this path, no matter how tempting it is to follow another you only distract YOU from your path. Each path is individual as each human BEing is individual, no two paths are ever the same.

UNITY is the way of the universe dear ones, that is a blending of energies to create a bigger energy. When humans come to work WITH each other then the vibration of all who create together increases. It is akin to the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Whilst you view yourself as separate to your fellow human then you will remain in a lower vibration. Many are still viewing those around them as different and this is illusion dear ones. To separate out the asleep from the awakened is to have separation and this is illusion. ALL ARE ONE. Those who chose to stay asleep in this life incarnation are still TEACHING. They are here to help those awake to learn and to move through their life experience. We cannot guide strongly enough ALL ARE ONE. Those who choose to stay asleep in this incarnation may come back if they so choose in another life time and wake up. Each of you who are awake chose this before incarnation. If all were awake then there would be no lessons to learn and the human life experience would not be what it is, at this time, on the planet earth. Do you understand our analogy?

Many spend huge amounts of energy in trying to wake up those who have chosen to stay asleep. Many have chosen to spend vast amounts of energy in raging against what they see as wrong across the planet. We guide strongly that this is illusion draining you of the energies that you could use to create the life you DO wish to create. All of the life experience is created by each individual human across the planet. Each human has a slightly different life experience as no two humans will ever experience exactly the same as each other. We guide you to go within and ask the questions of your heart to discern this TRUTH.

It is not a question of resonating fully with only one part of the message. Our channel has been guided by us to post where only a FULL message is posted. We note that many humans “cherry picked” the parts of our message that resonated whilst leaving the rest of the message. The message is what the message is dear ones. Relate this to the life experience that you have created and absorb how this will affect it. If you live your life experience only “cherry picking” certain information then this will affect the whole life experience. Do you understand our analogy? We are not certain that this is clear in our channelling and will expand on this further in due course.

Be wary of filtering out your life experience and by focusing only on certain parts of it dear ones. Illusion seeks to distract you from the creation of the life experience, it can do this partly or fully the choice is always yours. Do you understand our analogy? To only focus on one part of your life experience you allow illusion to distract you in other parts. We notice that at this moment many humans across the planet are focused solely on finance. How does this distract you from the “bigger picture” of your life experience? Who does this serve? Whilst you are focused on the finance you filter out the magic that is your life experience, you filter out that which is around you at all times. Do you see how illusion works to contain you?

Many will focus on finance and maintain that until this is working to their life experience that all else will not fall into place and we guide strongly it is due to only focusing on this part that the rest CANNOT fall into place as you are not creating the other parts. Energy follows thoughts, your thoughts are your life experience, if they are solely concentrated on one aspect the rest has not been dreamt. Do you understand our analogy? Do not allow illusion to distract you from the “bigger picture” dear ones. Many can move between the “small picture” and the “big picture” but many are stuck in the small picture which will continue to shrink the more illusion persuades you that this is all there is.

We are the high council of orion and we come to guide and support at this time of vast change. Each one of you is the creator of your own life experience. We guide you to help you move through the layers of illusion that enfold your planet. We guide you to move into your heart, whilst your eyes are blinded by illusion the heart FEELs TRUTH, it is the heart that will lead you out of the illusion and into your TRUTH. Connect to us at will dear ones for we can be connected to by each one of you. ALL ARE ONE.