A message from Lady Hope
Channeled by:
August 01, 2011

My given name is Annunciata. You know me as Lady Hope, 's . It is pleasing to speak through this one today. It is always pleasing to have an opportunity to speak with all of you.

There has been much suffering throughout the world, not just lately but for a long time. Some of this has hit your own existence. What gets the ones that are dealing with traumatic situations besides the kindness of others is HOPE. They hope for another tomorrow, they hope to find , they hope the rain will stop, and the list goes on. Hope is a positive force that moves your forward, even if its only taking small baby steps. It gets you out of wallowing in your despair and into positive action, even if that action is only getting up and washed.

Hope is a force that is recognized throughout the universe. You have seen the messages from beings of higher good tell you how much hope and faith they have in you conquering the duality that has kept you in darkness for so long. We all have hope and faith in all of you. Its you dear children that need to recognize this and see, HOPE is inside of you. Sometimes this is forgotten. Hope seems to be forgotten when you have received so much negativity that you do not see that you also have hope for a new day. Everyday brings you hope. A new day brings you opportunity to take the that hope gives you and move it into action, positive action. can be achieved when you have hope.

Hope does not work alone though dear ones, hope and faith work together. What you are hoping for, you also need to believe in, even if there is no logical proof. Believe in yourself and in your dreams, manifestations, prayers, and in others that speak from their hearts. You will gain new hope from people that are true and live from their hearts. Their Unconditional Love will guide you and support you along your journey to yourself becoming whole with the Source.

I have faith in you dear ones, it is you that struggle with this. You can be so hard on yourself. You set such high standards for yourself. It is good to have goals, but make them reachable. If you have a goal that is out of your reach it will cause you despair and I wish for you not to struggle so much. Reach inside yourself and love yourself dear ones. See that you are worthy of self-love. See that you are worthy of giving love and being loved. Your spirit is luminous, you are filled with light dear ones. Reduce your burdens and glow from the love that is inside of you.

There is so much for all of you to see and do. So much HOPE. Through all the hardships that are effecting you, remain faithful to yourself and to the journey of light you are on. Reach to me in times where your hope is lacking. Reach to any of us of the Divine for comfort and support. We will be there beside you, anchoring you and guiding you.

Today's message dear souls was not meant for be big and full of many words. My message to you dear ones is to tell you how much you are loved by me and by many others. See this love without your ego. See and feel this love from the purity of your own heart. Then you will feel us close to you. Feel the gentle whispers of the lightest breeze touch your cheek, or the warmth or coolness of a sudden touch, you may see a sparkle of light out of the corner of your eye, these are some of the ways we let you know you are not alone.

It was indeed a pleasure dear ones. I plan on returning for another opportunity to speak with you through this vessel again. Keep hope and faith a part of your journey dear ones and always act in loving ways towards others, even towards ones that are seemingly hurtful. This is when you need to the most. Stay firm with the beliefs that make you YOU.

and so it is, Lady Hope