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Monday, 22 August, 2011  (posted 26 August, 2011)


Or, What I Did on My Summer Vacation!

I took to heart the for August and have been really deeply listening to my , and my paying attention to my .  I am much quieter and more withdrawn than usual and this has been the result of listening–a cumulative creation reflecting choices to .

This continual presence with myself has brought healing to some parts of my physical body.  My hips which are typically sore–a lingering symptom of recovering still from mercury toxicity and also an old tennis injury (yes, true), are feeling limber and good.  I've been guided to some changes in my body care that have resulted in new desires for .  My dog Jackson has lost some much needed weight from all our walks and his thyroid medicine reduced and all in all, I'm feeling deeply centered, peaceful and loving.

I did a lot of channeling for me this month.  Further clarifying my purpose, asking and inquiring about things that were revealed to me in June and July, but needed to be fleshed out.  A lot.  I am allowing my new home to arrive not through planning but through the same kinds of choices that resulted in my quiet time–a series of choices moment to moment which lead me to something new.

It's mysterious and good.  It feels like nothing is happening.  Then everything happens fast like it floods into my experience.  Then there's quiet again.  I am choosing to live in harmony with the actual rhythm of life–not my .  Not the calendar on the desk.  The inner rhythm.  The pulse of the Omni Verse within me.  

I have given up my allegiance to any structured outside of myself.  I've taken off my watch.  I'm listening to my own truth. 

I'm learning, I realize, how to with myself above and below.  Within objective reality and outside of it.  There are multiple versions of me weighing in here and the experience rather then being confusing is just clear and useful.  I'm increasingly coming into more full alignment with and expression of me.

I aspire to be part of creating great civilizations and culture.  To amplify the new paradigm into greater perceptual accessability.  And to do this peacefully and with loving kindness.

I began by pledging allegiance to me.

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