August 28, 2011 by

Humanity has reached a very important point in its ongoing evolution. You can see evidence of this all over the world. For a very long time it seemed that you were making almost no spiritual progress as you struggled for survival in a generally harsh environment, and compounded your problems by attacking one another. The insanity of the attitudes that led you to behave so unlovingly has at last dawned on many of you who are now seeking to live together in harmonious cooperation, and finding that it can be done successfully.

Obviously, there are still very many on who have not yet realized this, but the love you compassionate ones are sharing and extending is having an enormous effect worldwide. Those who have believed that fighting with others and crushing all opposition will allow them to achieve positions of permanent power and security are now finding those beliefs very uncomfortable to maintain because they are at last realizing that anything gained in that way cannot be secured for very long. It is a shocking realization that has recently started seeping into their conscious awareness in spite of their determined efforts to deny it. But the history of severe pain, suffering, and disillusionment that they too have experienced over the eons, due to sudden reversals of their fortunes, can no longer be ignored. Their methods do not work! It is a truly shocking revelation for them, and it is causing them much anxiety and confusion as they search for answers in a philosophy that offers none.

The strength of the Love enveloping Planet Earth is enormously powerful, all-pervasive, and nothing can resist Its loving embrace. Many are trying, but most ineffectually, because It is guided by your Father’s loving Will that intends that you awaken from the illusion into the eternal ecstasy of Reality. Even those who are most strongly in denial about His existence and His Love are finding their defenses undermined by the soft and irresistible power of His eternal Love. Having lived for eons in fear and anger, expecting judgment, condemnation, and punishment, they find the soft, accepting, and indiscriminate offering of His Love unnerving, even terrifying, which is why they resist Him so determinedly. Nevertheless, their resistance will eventually melt away, because despite their denial they too desperately want to share in the eternal embrace that He offers continuously to all of creation. And because it is so infinitely alluring they will eventually be unable to continue their resistance, but will also melt into the warmth of that divine embrace. All will return from the illusion, because it is impossible to build an illusion that lasts for more than an instant when you are eternally one with God, as you all are.

The moment for your awakening is drawing ever closer, and more of you are uncovering within yourselves the divine Flame that will lead you Home to your Father. As ever more of you discover that Flame within you, it strengthens and intensifies the brightness of the divine Love Field enabling more to see It, accept It, and stir towards wakefulness.

It gives me great to see humanity approaching the moment for awakening, knowing that it is inevitable. Knowing that all suffering will cease and that God’s beloved children will return Home is a most uplifting prospect for all of creation. The short instant of apparent separation that caused so much pain is to dissolve, leaving no trace at all because it never was. The and ecstasy of God’s divine Reality will blaze forth in a brilliance and beauty that none of you can possibly imagine, and It will embrace you, as It always has, for all eternity.

Your loving brother, .