A very beautiful channeling… Very much like what 'A ' is saying.


August 7, 2011 by

is difficult – especially when the date of the event for which you are has not been revealed. The environment in which you are experiencing your existence is illusory, and time is part of that illusion, so to give you a date for your awakening would be to attempt to insert it into the illusion, and that would make no sense at all as that would make it part of the illusion too! The illusion was a momentary aberration when you thought you would see what it would be like to live separated from God; but to do that would be impossible because He is All That Exists. You had a momentary crazy thought, and it was gone! But, the idea was intriguing and you held on to it – it is rather like a soap bubble, and like a soap bubble it will burst and be gone.

God’s Love for you is so intense that He would let nothing happen to hurt or damage you in any way. (And of course, if He did, He would be doing it to Himself.) So, as you wait, relax. The illusion will not last, and when your experience of it terminates, you will be aware only of your eternal joy in the Presence of your Father, because there is nothing else. Rejoice in this knowledge, focus on it – and release every thought or aspect of yourselves that contradicts this truth. That is what will you, and you have infinite assistance available to help you do so.

As you wait, allow yourselves to be suffused with the Love presently enveloping Planet Earth, and let It flow through you on Its divine path to engage with every member of the human race. That is why It is here, and why you are here – to fill every human heart with God’s Love, and make it aware that life is an eternal of divine , not a of anxiety and fear that ends in the nothingness of death. Death, too, is part of the illusion – an unreal concept of life, terminating painfully, fearfully, and inevitably. If that could happen, it would not be life. Life is eternal, and you are immortal beings forever alive in the Oneness of God.

You are immortal beings eternally living at one with your Father, and the illusion is momentary, a non-event that has no effect on you whatever. It was temporary, ephemeral, gone in the blink of an eye, and what you have been experiencing as reality within it will be instantly and permanently forgotten when you awaken. You have no need to remember or dwell on the illusion – something that does not and could not exist – as you live in the ecstatic state of Reality that your Father created for you. The misery, pain, suffering, and uncertainty of that pretend-reality you built to play in, not understanding what you were attempting to do, can offer you nothing, not even a memory, and when you awaken not a trace of it will remain. The eternal joy of God’s divine creation holds nothing that is not totally joyful.

Put your attention on the field of divine Love that envelops you, suffuses you, and flows through you, One with Itself, with God, and therefore with all that exists. You exist, therefore you are part of it, part of Reality, and have absolutely no needs because you are eternally provided for by your Father. Nothing has been left to chance; nothing could be left to chance; there is no such thing: all that exists is divinely willed and eternal. Think no more of the illusion, or of all the uncertainties it seems to contain. And attend to your awakening process as the nudges you are receiving become more and more irresistible. Remember, your awakening is inevitable.

Your loving brother, .