August 14, 2011 by

You – all of – are on an inspired path . You have been following it for eons, but with many unnecessary diversions…and a concept of the destination toward which you have been progressing is growing in your minds. It truly bears practically no resemblance to the destination that you are actually approaching, which is way beyond the farthest reaches of your human powers of imagination. But it is serving to encourage you onward, by buoying up your enthusiasm, as it presents the ideal of a future in which all forms of privation are eliminated and where all can live in peace and abundance to follow their creative dreams.

And, indeed, when you return Home you will create abundantly and magnificently, in ways that at present you cannot possibly imagine. To return Home is, of itself, a most wonderful creative achievement, and the moment for it to occur is drawing ever closer. So many of you are now holding aloft the Light that you have always carried that no longer can anyone claim that it is not visible or does not exist. Many refuse to see it, but invisible it is not! And seeing others hold their Light aloft is uplifting and inspiring for all. And as more and more of you join the Light-bearers, the brilliance of the divine field that enfolds you all intensifies. Do not waste time focusing your attention on the dark; just shine your Light and it will be dispersed. It is on the Light of God’s Love for you that you need to focus so that you can follow it safely Home.

All of you have seen the Light being held fearlessly on high by those who offer love and compassion as they lead their daily lives, and when you do likewise you will find it uplifting and inspiring. And you can all do it because it burns constantly within you, longing to be held up high for all to see, as you too offer to all with whom you interact. Showing and sharing love is the only way to overcome your fears and anxieties, and doing so dissolves the fear that others feel. It is what you came here to do in order to help your sisters and brothers to awaken into the divine Reality that is your eternal Home. Love is the power, the energy, the life force in all sentient beings. It can never be overcome or destroyed because it is divine, but you can choose not to show it even though it flows through you always, keeping you eternally alive and vibrant. If you do not feel it, then you are either denying it or repressing it – but it will break out because love’s nature is to expand and encompass, and your efforts to prevent it from doing so are to no avail.

God created you in Love because It extends and shares Itself infinitely and indiscriminately in endless , and because that is the state He wants you to share with Him eternally, and with all your sisters and brothers. Sharing and offering to others the Love that dwells constantly within each one of you brings you peace and satisfaction, and accelerates your progress on the path to awakening. So focus on making all your thoughts, words, and actions extensions of that Love, and enjoy the peace that that behavior brings. Making your lives a journey of Love is to follow your path and bring to all.

Your loving brother, .