Channelled through 29/08/11

I come to you today with immense love which I offer to you not as a gift but as a natural expression of my being. I am Master .

As a soul, I do not despise or hate anything, my love for everything is so strong and stable, I choose to exist as and in love at all times. My choice then cultivates a reality that enhances my decision of focusing upon the love of the Creator, of my being and within the energies surrounding me. If I chose to despise something it would be the word ‘normal&; as I see many light workers tormenting themselves with this word. I, myself during many of my past lifetimes upon the Earth caused myself suffering with this word. It is a word that was innocently created to describe something that occurs every day, something that is ordinary, standard, regular or even common. As generations have developed on the Earth the word ‘normal&; has become extremely important in society as most people are striving to be normal, they wish to be like everyone else, with similar possessions or experiences. Normal has almost replaced the word perfection but this has all been developed by the mind.

My question to my students when we are discussing this subject is always,’ why do you want to be normal, why do you want to be standard, common and regular?’ Some of my students tell me that they feel more protected if they act and exist as everyone else does, that way they do not stand out and are accepted by other people. Other students say that if they strive to be like others then they feel that they are one with everyone else; they are a part of the group. Some say that the practice of being normal distracts from the practices of self exploration. Sometimes students say that they have a longing to be at one with the Creator but when on Earth if they are one with society they feel they are achieving this. Students even admit that the strive to be normal is actually a fear of what will happen if they are not normal if they step outside the boundaries and be themselves.

We can see that most souls wish to be accepted, to feel a closeness or unity with others so that they feel supported. It is also true that fear of self discovery and expression is very strong and powerful and can cloud the judgment of the mind.

Essentially we are all aspects of the Creator’s soul and so we are all pieces of one large puzzle. Maybe the quest to be normal is actually a quest to find where you as the puzzle piece fit in, not just on the Earth but the inner planes and within the soul of the Creator. There may also be a fear that their puzzle piece will never find its home or place of rest and contentment. Yet we all have our place within the of the Creator, it is not necessarily a place but more a complete connection with the Creator. Fear and the unknown are such powerful lessons for humanity to overcome; they continue to pop up in your reality until you have eradicated them completely. We must understand that fear is irrational and is a creation because of lack of trust and connection with the Creator. We realise that the pull to be normal is actually a need to be at one with others or the Creator, those individuals who do not feel this pull already understand that their needs of belonging are met by themselves and not through others. A connection with the Creator when fully active in your reality dissolves all needs of connection with others allowing a feeling of contentment to grow from within.

It is interesting to wonder what the reality definition of normal is. Let me try to explain what normal is for me, this is a very easy to answer, there is no normal, in my reality everything is new, changeable, evolving and extremely joyous, this is because this is my outlook. Existing on the Earth was very irregular for me as it is for all of us but my Earth experiences are energies that I treasure tremendously. I see that on the Earth and in certain countries there are templates which have only be created by thoughts and the patterns of previous generations, but some souls see these templates as something that they must use as examples when trying to mould their realities.

I wish to ask you that if your life was a blank canvas and you no longer held the templates in your mind, what would you do and create? Imagine that you were the first person to walk upon the Earth and the Earth was newly formed free from historical energies. The freedom that you would feel, imagine that you apply this to your life upon the Earth, how would your outlook on life change? I imagine that you would live your life very differently because you wouldn’t be influenced by the consciousness of generations that have previously lived on the Earth. As we enter into 2012, this is something that light workers are trying to eradicate, the consciousness of the past so that when we enter into the new cycle of energy in 2012, humanity is not influenced as strongly by the past. Many people even to this day judge their success on the Earth by their physical achievements and the possessions they have collected. Judgements are also passed as to whether a person’s life follows the template that has been created so that people feel they have achieved something, such as having a family, successful job or lots of friends. If you do not have these then maybe you are considered by others or even yourself as a failure or that you are not normal. Again there is a thought process that seems to say that everyone must have similar paths on the Earth when the more diverse your paths are the more you can teach each others and have treasure to share. We upon the inner planes would very much like to see the confinements that humanity place upon themselves to be eradicated.

Each on the Earth may go through a process where their understanding of life changes so drastically that it almost separates them from others, this is when the word ‘normal’ comes into play, but it is a disguise for many lessons such as holding responsibility for your own reality and path and courageously walking it as your truth. To have courage in what you believe in and not be fearful of sharing this expression is an immense challenge and if overcome it is a tremendous achievement. This means that you are not reliant on others but are balanced and comfortable in your own self and energies. When you are striving to be normal and to achieve what is expected of you then you are hiding your light and skills, denying your path upon the Earth, as well as the unique wisdom and perspective of the universe that you have to share. Therefore you are placing your power in the hands of someone else, not even a person in fact; you are placing your power in a thought process that you believe is appropriate for this Earth and lifetime. Your power must be placed in you alone. You may ask why you must place your power in yourself, it is because you are more than you could possibly imagine and you have been placed in the driving seat for your reality on the Earth with the support of your guides.

Many light workers have been tortured physically in the past for expressing their beliefs and insights, these memories do play their part but the past must now be left behind in order for a new era of love to be born, where everyone can express their
loving beautiful Creator energies freely. You may wish to take time during meditation to ask for all pain from the past connected to expressing your truth to be dissolved and removed from your energy, being replaced by love.

The purpose of my communication is to assist you in realizing that many light workers hinder their path, service and growth because of their fears, the limitations and beliefs they create as well as the pain from the past. Maybe you are not even aware of the limitations but they are simply akin to small walls that you have built before you. Many people shy away from sharing their beliefs with others because they believe that the judgements of the other person may be too much to bear but I wish to say to you that you cannot be hurt by another being, you are a being of love, strong, stable and powerful. There is no need for you to take on the energies of others unless you choose to and can simply let the energies flow past you as you exist in the vibration of love. It is my belief that the desire to be normal or to not stand out from the crowd especially for light workers is simply a process of growth that will lead to a greater confidence in their own abilities with a stronger sense of truth and faith. Wanting to be loved by another human being is also simply a desire to be closer to the Creator; you can achieve this now and feel completely and absolutely loved.

It is my wish that over the next week that you evaluate and analyze your beliefs and thoughts concerning these words, Acceptance, Support, Belonging, Being loved, Unity and Pain.

You can begin by asking yourself: If you feel accepted, if you accept others and do you need acceptance?

Do you feel supported, do you support others and is it appropriate that you do, do you truly need support or do you already have it within yourself?

Do you feel as if you belong on the Earth, do you feel as if people belong to you, and is the feeling of belonging just the insecurity of the ego or is it because of a lack of connection with the Creator?

Are you loved, do you need to be loved, do you love yourself, do you love others, why is love important, is love actually needed?

Do you feel a bond of unity, what is unity, why is it important, maybe it’s not important, does the bond of unity come from a deeper part within you, what is the difference between unity and individuality?

Have you experienced pain, how does pain effect you, are you fearful of the different types of pain, why are you fearful of pain, where does pain originate from, does the prospect of any type of pain influence your life?

I believe that if you allow yourself to answer these questions honestly, you will begin to discover new things about yourself, therefore connecting on a deeper level with your truth. When we begin to ask questions and delve, often enlightenment is our reward. I am encouraging you to look at your connection with humanity in a different way.

Many of you have or will change path ways which may mean that you are walking against the flow of others, so it is my wish to prepare you for these times so that you may stand tall as a beacon of powerful and loving light upon the Earth, being of service to yourself and all.

My words are meant in love not a criticism of any sort,

I love you,