31 July 2011

Channeler: Simon C. Godwin

By , as channeled by Simon C. Godwin

and transformation are the that you give to your higher self when you learn to become who you are and shed the garments of physical illusions of self and selfishness. Your ascension and your evolution rely upon your willingness to shed the old and unwanted, the futile and that which does not serve you and to exchange them for that which does serve you at the highest level of your eternal being.

You search always for that which evades you, for your endeavours lay oft in the lands of the wilderness of illusion that is reigned over by individuality, pride, ego and fear. You seek without when all hope lies within, and you fail to master the majesty of your own mind, for within that temple of earthly consciousness lies the door to the kingdom that you refer to as heaven and the higher realms of knowing, seeing and being.

Fear not the world or the folly of men, for in that they are their own masters and their own karmic receptacles. Fear more you reluctance to look within and master the deceit of your own being, for within you lies the both truth and untruth, damnation and redemption, captivity and freedom.

Your greatest protector lies within, for it is the mind of man that is so easily led astray and cast upon the stormy seas of doubt. Master your mind and your , for they are the key to the gate that will open onto the bridge.

Within your own dense world there are two levels and planes of being of which you speak but have turned into objects that have become the domain of your science and your psychology. The self styled masters of the great illusion of the material have subtly taken from you that which is yours, for they have caused you to consider your most precious gift of consciousness to be nothing more than cells, electrons, synapses, neurons and to be examined and judged, toyed with and teased by and procedures of their making. We speak of the human mind; that vessel for holding the very source of your perception of what is and what you are, what you believe and what you do, and even what you see and want. No greater crime against humanity can be perpetrated than the steeling of its earthly consciousness, for it is that consciousness which it the holds the key to your spiritual ascension.

More than this, your earthly consciousness is the wand that waves the magic of decision and action that are the ingredients within the potion for the spell that manifests within your realm. Karma is rightful cosmic and soul ascension , and, unlike your more earthy which takes no account of right, Karma is merely the dealing out of that which is right and rightfully earned by all and at all times. Know now that you are the co-creator, and the of your own higher self on Earth. You the human incarnation are that which thinks and acts in ways that, when mixed within the realm of the physical, manifest your own karmic justice. The seeds of self that were planted within you prior to your birth on earth were encoded with that which your higher self desired to be programmed into 'the system' for it to unfold as a result of free will in the physical. Every thought creates an effect that manifests as emotion, and all emotions manifest, first in decision and then in action. In each moment you make choices that are based upon what you have learned, and each choice generates new Karmic consequences that are stored within your own permanent atoms. These atoms are the storehouse of your soul's history through eternity, and are carried from one life to the next, each time changing, adjusting and molding themselves to the waves of potential, possibility and cause-ability that your thoughts in each moment have, in and of themselves, magically manifest through the Wand that is your own mind.

You mind is the very wand that you learn to use to wave the magic of your choice, for you have great capacity for great good and for great ill.

You build you own bridge, for it is the structure that manifests in a form that reflects your physical creation. The Bridge links the path from human consciousness to the eternal mind of God, or what you have come to know as your higher self, for you are an aspect of the divine, and as such are God in all but wholeness. You are the and the builder of your bridge, for it is your own human consciousness that in each lifetime strives to find the cosmic clues that lead to the unfolding of universal truth and the opening of the gate that give you access to that truth. To construct the Bridge your earthly self evolves over time and many incarnations until the lessons learned lead to a consciousness of self-governance, self-awareness, freedom from illusion and thus fearlessness in the face of that which you know to be false, unjust and spiritually disempowering to you and to your kind. It is when these lessons have been attended in the school of life that you are able to uncover the tools for ascension, which are knowledge, self-awareness, truth, discernment and proactive participation as a co-creator in all that you think, all that you feel and all that you do.

Few men have reached perfection, but many will manifest illusions that they desire you to see as pertaining to their own attainment of it. Remember the lessons of the life school that follow one from the other like steps in a staircase, for they are the building blocks of ascension and connection with your higher self. They are knowledge, self-awareness, truth, discernment and proactive participation. Build you bridge and know too that true knowledge is given to you by those who speak the truth that will set you free, for there are many who would bind you to them, and in so doing keep you on their loop of illusion and spiritual captivity.

Do this and you will grow each day and experience the unfolding of the blossoming buds of your self and your own potential for greatness. In so doing you will become the very change that will shine as a beacon in the darkness and draw to it the moths of man who also crave to bask in the warmth of the light of the divine. Seek first your own redemption by knowing that which you cause and that which you affect, that which you fear and that which in so doing you attract, and that which you desire but as yet fail to know as your own.

Karma holds the clues and the light by which you can guide your path back home, and it is only through truth and honest self-awareness that your mind will be able to lay clear sight and knowing on the brightness that will be exposed unto you.

Archangel Michael – as channeled by Simon C. Godwin